4 Reasons Why HyunA And Dawn Are An Iconic Couple And Are Helping Break Idol Stereotypes

These two show that idols can date successfully

HyunA and Dawn are one of the few idol couples in the K-Pop industry and are one of the most unique ones as well.

Here are 4 reasons why these two are an iconic couple and are breaking many idol stereotypes in regards to dating.

1. Going against their company

Cube Entertainment initially denied the reports that Dawn and HyunA were dating. Companies will usually deny that their idols are dating, regardless of it’s true or not. Due to the taboo that idols shouldn’t date, companies feel that it’s better to just deny that any of their idols are dating.

HyunA and Dawn went against Cube Entertainment and decided to reveal that they were a couple. This led to some issues from Cube Entertainment, and they decided to terminate both of their contracts.

2. Still doing music

Despite leaving Cube Entertainment, HyunA and Dawn are still active. They signed with P-Nation after leaving Cube Entertainment and became artists under a new company. They didn’t attempt to go into hiding, they just continued with their activities.

3. Went public and are proud of it

The two also chose to be extremely public about their relationship. Usually, idol couples are more reserved about their relationships and choose not to mention it too much. HyunA and Dawn went against this and aren’t ever shy to show off their relationship.

4. Aren’t shy to show affection on broadcasts

The two also aren’t shy about showing off their relationship on broadcasts. The two have been on many broadcasts together and seem to always show their affection for each other.

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