4 Times “Fans” And Netizens Made Ridiculous Demands Towards K-Pop Idols

Number 1 ended up getting scoffed at due to their demand.

Netizens and K-Pop “fans” can be quite controlling of idols, as they sometimes make demands towards them. Some of these demands have been quite hilarious due to how bizarre they were. Here’s a list of a few times when “fans” and netizens made ridiculous demands towards K-Pop idols.

1. TWICE “fans” demanding Sana to never date

When Jihyo and Kang Daniel announced that they were in a relationship, some TWICE “fans” started to make a demand towards Sana.

Kang Daniel (Left) & Jihyo (Right)

DC TWICE Gallery (a popular forum for TWICE fans) created a post that told Sana that she shouldn’t date for the “sake of her fans”.

Netizens and ONCEs scoffed at this demand, as they criticized these “fans” for being controlling of Sana.

2. Netizens wanting BTS’s Jungkook to return his Hwagwan Orders of Cultural Merit

BTS has raised the awareness of Korean culture quite a bit throughout their careers. The members even received the Hwagwan Orders of Cultural Merit in 2018 due to it.

However, some netizens and BTS haters demanded Jungkook to return his Hwagwan Orders of Cultural Merit after he visited Itaewon with some of his celebrity friends. At the time, Korean citizens were advised to socially distance themselves. Despite Jungkook getting tested for COVID-19 right after meeting his friends, and getting tested negative, some netizens still criticized him for his actions, even when he released an apology.

Some netizens even created a petition titled, “Please Withdraw BTS Jungkook’s Order Of Cultural Merit”.

| Nate

However, the petition ended up being a failure as it only got 1,400 signatures.

3. EXO “fans” wanting Chen kicked out of EXO

When Chen revealed that he was going to get married and become a father, a lot of fans congratulated him on the news. However, some Korean “fans” weren’t too fond of this and made demands towards SM Entertainment for Chen to get kicked out of EXO.

None of this ended up working out, as SM Entertainment released a statement on how Chen would be staying in EXO.

Hello, this is SM Entertainment.

We would like to discuss the future direction of EXO’s activities from the position of both the agency and the members.

As the management agency for EXO, we have put the members’ opinions first on important issues as well as the direction of the team and the members’ activities.

Before officially announcing Chen’s marriage news, we took the time to discuss with the EXO members, and they have all suffered from the loss of members in the past. The opinion was shared from the members that they want to be together in the future without any changes. We respect the EXO members’ opinions and would like to inform you that there will be no change in EXO members.

Also, there are members that are preparing to enlist in the military. Since last year, the plans for EXO were to focus on promoting individually and as unit groups. The activities of the members will be disclosed sequentially.

The EXO members will continue to work as EXO, as solos, and as units to return the love they receive. We will also do our best to support EXO in all aspects.

Thank you.

— SM Entertainment

4. “Fans” asking Jamie Park for money

Jamie Park has had to deal with many “fans” requesting money from her throughout her career. It got to the point where she had to address the situation on her Instagram account.

| @jiminxjamie/Instagram