4 Times “Fans” Took Jokes Way Too Far And Hurt K-Pop Idols

Fans need to understand that there are limits.

K-Pop idols are extremely friendly towards their fans, as the relationship between idols and fans is truly a special one.

However, this friendliness can sometimes cause fans to act as if they know these idols personally. This has caused some “fans” to make “jokes” that ended up hurting idols. Here’s a list of a few times when this has happened.

1. When a “fan” called BTS’s Jin an awkward person

During BTS’s earlier days, Jin was a bit shy when talking in front of large crowds. One “fan” decided to call him “Awkward-Jin” due to this. Despite Jin being uncomfortable with the nickname, the fan continued calling him “Awkward-Jin”.

2. A “fan” commenting on MONSTA X Joohoney’s dancing

When Joohoney was doing a live broadcast, he shared with fans that he had been exercising a lot. One “fan” decided to criticize him for this, as they said that Joohoney should practice dancing instead, which ended up hurting him.

3. A “fan” commenting on WINNER Mino’s skin

Whitewashing is quite common in K-Pop, as the Korean society doesn’t think that tan skin is that attractive. This has caused many idols to get teased about their naturally dark skin. On one occasion, a “fan” tried to “advise” Mino that he should get his skin whitened. While Mino laughed off the comment, many were still upset about how rude the comment was.

4. A “fan” saying that TWICE’s Jihyo should be a weightlifter

When TWICE was talking about the sports that would fit each member the best, some fans decided to yell out their opinions on the question. When it came to Jihyo, some “fans” decided to yell that she would suit weightlifting. Jihyo was visibly hurt by this comment and was even seen turning around to hide her tears.

| Nate