4 Times Korea’s IT-Boy, BTS Jimin, Got Special Mentions In K-Dramas

It’s pretty obvious that many Korean drama writers love Jimin!

BTS‘s Jimin has been receiving attention for having been mentioned in Korean dramas on multiple occasions.

On fourth episode of OCN‘s Save Me 2, the character that goes by the name Gwang Mi mentioned Jimin’s name in one of her lines. In the scene where Kyung Seok was trying to win over Gwang Mi’s favor by empathizing with a popular idol group, Gwang Mi states that her favorite idol is Jimin.

I like Jimin the best. I fangirled during ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’. It was when Jimin was at his prime.

ㅡ Gwang Mi

On episodes 11 and 12 of SBS’s Haechi, the character Park Moon Soo imitated Jimin’s part in “Blood, Sweat & Tears” as he talked about his efforts to pass a state examination.

Actually, I’m afraid I’ll win first place in the state exam. My answers were perfect. Do you know the blood, sweat and tears that went into it?

ㅡ Park Moon Soo

Jimin’s name was even mentioned on Episode 3 of tvN‘s Tale of Fairy in one of the character’s lines.

My mind of having to go to a company dinner that has no good-looking people without having even finished my report! If TA Choi next door imitates BTS’s Jimin again, I’m going to kill him!

ㅡ From Tale of Fairy

And finally, Jimin also made his way into Episode 3 of Romance is a Bonus Book. On the receipt for iced vanilla lattes, Park Jimin was written as the CEO of the coffee shop above the shop’s telephone number (095-1013), which is also Jimin’s birthday.

Referring to the name of a celebrity shows that they are being used as a trend icon and therefore, it’s no surprise that Jimin has been referred to multiple times!