4 Times People Who Knew The BTS Members Personally Revealed Something No One Knew About Their Personalities

Number 1 is extremely heartwarming!

There have been plenty of moments when the BTS members got praised by celebrities for their kind personalities.

There have also been times when people who personally knew the members before their debut shared what the BTS members’ true personalities were like. Here’s a list of a few of these moments.

1. Former Big Hit Entertainment trainee talking about Suga

Jihoon, who is also known as Brightoon on his YouTube channel Brightoon TV, shared a story on how Suga helped him when he was a trainee at Big Hit Entertainment. Jihoon shared that he once felt dizzy and nauseous in the middle of the night and that he threw up multiple times throughout the night.

Suga ended up checking on him during the night and realized that Jihoon needed to go to the hospital. Suga then got a taxi and took Jihoon to the hospital.

Jihoon ended up waking up the next morning and was in for a surprise when he saw that Suga had stayed with him overnight. Not only that, but Suga also filled out the paperwork for Jihoon to get the IV he needed, and paid for Jihoon’s hospital fees!

To this day, Jihoon is thankful to Suga.

Here’s the full video below!

2. Jimin’s high school friend talking about Jimin’s popularity

In 2019, Kim Daehoon, a friend of Jimin’s and a dance instructor, talked about what Jimin was like during high school. Kim Daehoon shared that Jimin was popular during high school due to his kind personality.

Jimin thought he was a quiet person, but he turned out to be an active friend.

Jimin had a nice personality, so he quickly adjusted to school.

My friends at school liked Jimin too.

— Kim Daehoon

Kim Daehoon also spoke about Jimin remaining humble and kind-hearted despite his incredible popularity.

I realised that not everyone will change after they become successful, people who are kind-hearted will still be very kind.

— Kim Daehoon

Here’s the full video below!

3. Oh My Girl’s Seunghee talking about V and Jimin

Seunghee has been friends with V and Jimin since high school, as they were classmates. During an episode of Happy Together, she shared that the two were addicted to practicing when they were younger.

I still remember Jimin was all about practicing. That’s all he knew. He’d spend the night up practicing and come to school half-dead like a zombie.

— Seunghee

He (V) would start dancing in the subway station, checking his moves in the reflection of the screen doors. I used to watch him do that… but he really did surprise me.

— Seunghee

Seunghee also shared that they’ve maintained their friendship to this day, and are extremely supportive of each other. Once during MAMA, Seunghee was feeling nervous about a performance. V and Jimin ended up giving her some encouraging words and told Seunghee that she did a great job!

4. Suga’s high school teacher on what Suga was like

In 2019, Daily News visited Suga’s old high school and had an interview with a few people who knew Suga personally.

One person interviewed was Kwon Jae Hwan, Suga’s former high school teacher.

| 매일신문/YouTube

Kwon Jae Hwan shared that Suga was a model student and that he never violated the school rules.

Yoongi [Suga’s real name] never violated any school rules. Since it was the old era and it was a boy’s private school, the dress code and hair rules were very strict.

But he has never violated [the rules], giving excuses like he’s doing music, or any such thing. There was no place to learn music in Chilgok [Suga’s hometown]. So until he went to the music academy in the second semester, he studied very hard in the classroom as not to disturb other students.

He would stay awake until dawn to study composition. But he never violated rules with excuses like he was doing music and things like that.

—Kwon Jae Hwan

Here’s the full video below!