Here Are 5 Of The Biggest “Fail Moments” Seen In K-Pop

Some of these are just hilarious!

There have been many moments in K-Pop where people experienced some large fails, to the point where some of them are humorous. Here’s a list of some of the biggest “fail moments” seen in K-Pop.

1. When haters tried to force BTS’s Jungkook to turn in his Orders of Cultural Merit

The members of BTS were awarded the Hwagwan Orders of Cultural Merit in 2018 due to the group raising awareness of Korean culture.

However, some malicious haters tried to get it revoked from Jungkook when it was revealed that he had been out visiting Itaewon with several of his idol friends. The haters criticized Jungkook for ignoring social distancing and claimed that it was wrong for Jungkook to go against the nationwide recommendation of social distancing.

Despite the haters creating a petition to get it revoked, it ended up only getting 1,400 signatures and was ultimately a failure.

2. When MAMAMOO’s Solar was accused of being a North Korean

During MAMAMOO’s earlier days, there were no photos of Solar before her debut with MAMAMOO. This caused some Korean fans to joke that it was because Solar was a North Korean.

When MAMAMOO started to grow in popularity, some netizens saw these joking posts and started to believe that Solar was a North Korean defector. Solar and her friends even had to release some pre-debut photos to shut down the ridiculous rumor.

3. When this sasaeng fan thought they were texting BTS’s Jimin

A sasaeng fan once thought they had Jimin’s phone number and bombarded the number with text messages. However, it turned out that this wasn’t Jimin’s number, and the sasaeng fan ended up bothering an innocent person.

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4. EXO Sehun’s awkward interaction with SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan

During the 2017 Idol Star Athletics Championships, Sehun was having a conversation with NCT‘s Johnny.

That’s when Sehun decided to step away for a bit.

When he returned, he continued having his conversation with “Johnny”.

Sehun was in for surprise when the person he was talking to wasn’t Johnny but was SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan.

Sehun immediately apologized to Jeonghan and walked away in embarrassment, which gave many fans a laugh.

5. When director Kang Hyun Chul didn’t know about EXO’s D.O

D.O is known both as an EXO member and as an actor as he has made quite a name for himself in both fields. However, director Kang Hyun Chul didn’t know about D.O as a singer!

I didn’t even know that Do Kyung Soo was an idol. I didn’t bother to check his background since I thought of him as a rookie in the field of acting. In my new movie that’s so highly centered on dancing, I didn’t think twice about casting him.”

— Kang Hyun Chul