5 Dating Speculations That Ended Up Coming True

Number 3 got speculated almost immediately!

Celebrities in the Korean entertainment industry get involved in dating rumors all the time, as fans and netizens are always speculating on who could be a couple. While a lot of them end up being false, there have been some dating speculations that ended up coming true. Here’s a list of a few of them.

1. Hyeri (Girl’s Day) & Ryu Jun Yeol

The chemistry between these two in Reply 1988 was so great that fans started to speculate the two were dating.

While several fans were surprised when it was confirmed that the two were in a relationship, a lot of fans weren’t too shocked, as they “knew” the two were dating long before it was announced.

2. Heechul (Super Junior) & Momo (TWICE)

| @kimheenim/Instagram

Many started to speculate these two were dating when they saw their adorable chemistry together.

It got to the point where the two got involved in a dating rumor in 2019, but their agencies denied the rumor.

The two got involved in another dating rumor in 2020, but this time their agencies confirmed the two were a couple.

3. Taeyang (BIGBANG) & Min Hyo Rin

Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin got speculated of being in a relationship in 2013 when many people said they witnessed the two going on a vacation together. However, these rumors died down due to the lack of photos or evidence.

I saw Taeyang at a restaurant (Il Ho Sik) with Min Hyorin, there was someone else there I think it was Taeyang’s hyung (he looked a bit like Taeyang). The three of them looked very close.

— Witness

A few years after this rumor began, the two confirmed their relationship status, and revealed that they started dating in 2013!

4. Baek Jin Hee & Yoon Hyun Min

These two were castmates on the show My Daughter Geum Sa Wol, and their chemistry together caused some viewers to speculate that they were dating.

Not long after the show concluded, the two began their relationship.

5. Sungmin (Super Junior) & Kim Sa Eun

These two got speculated of dating when fans started noticing some similarities between their social media posts.

The two confirmed their relationship not long after these rumors came out.