5 Embarrassing Things That Could Happen To You On A Bus In Korea

Don’t let this happen to you!

1. When the bus suddenly breaks and you get flung to the front.

Bus drivers in South Korea are notorious for breaking suddenly, causing riders who are standing to stumble while trying catching their balance. It’s so embarrassing for the person who realizes they’ve stumbled all the way to the front of the bus, in front of everyone else. To save face, just casually ask the bus drive how long it will take until your bus stop, so everyone thinks you meant to walk to the front.


2. Getting caught looking at someone else’s phone.

When someone near you is watching something funny on their phone, you sometimes just can’t help but watch too. But nothing beats the shame you feel when your eyes meet and they realize what you’ve been doing. It’s best to just smile slightly and just look away again.


3. When you scan your transportation card and realize you don’t have money to pay for the fare.

It’s so flustering to tap your card on the scanner and realize you don’t have enough to ride the bus. At that point, all you can do it just ask the bus driver to look the other way and let you ride for free, or hope the person behind you is generous enough to cover for you. Make sure you top up your funds often so you don’t run in this predicament.


4. When you push the “stop” bell too early.

It can be embarrassing when you push the bell too early, but don’t panic and yell at the bus drivers saying it was a mistake! Someone else on the bus may need to get off at the next stop anyway.


5. When you fall asleep on a stranger’s shoulder.

Sometimes we can’t help but fall asleep on the bus, especially when it’s early in the morning or after a long, hard day at the office. If you find yourself in this awkward situation, apologize to the other person and make sure to not let it happen again. Or you can just pretend to answer the phone and avoid eye contact.


Watch the full video where these tips & tricks came from below:

Source: Dispatch