5 Former “Big 3” Trainees That Ended Up Taking Different Career Paths

Number 4 was supposed to debut with Girls’ Generation!

JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and SM Entertainment are considered the “Big 3” in K-Pop due to the amount of success they’ve had. However, that doesn’t mean that all trainees under the company stay until their debut, as many trainees have ended up leaving for various reasons. Here’s a list of some former “Big 3” trainees that ended up taking different career paths.

1. Han Hyun Soo

Han Hyun Soo is a former YG Entertainment trainee who trained for quite some time with BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon and Taeyang. The three ended up forming a close friendship and were supposed to debut together.

Han Hyun Soo, Taeyang, and G-Dragon (left to right)

However, Han Hyun Soo’s parents ended up making him go back to school and quit his trainee life before his debut. Shortly after his departure, BIGBANG debuted. When they debuted, Han Hyun Soo left a message on Cyworld showing his support for the group.

| Instiz

Hi, long time no see. I’ve come to share that my best friends are finally debuting. I’m sure you’ve all been counting down for this day, so you know already. But they’re debuting as BIGBANG! Isn’t that so cool? Please wish the best for Taeyang, G-Dragon, Daesung, T.O.P, and Seungri. They promised me that they’ll become the best, for me. I’m no longer with them, but I can’t wait to see them succeed. I believe in them too. I’m listening to their songs… and it’s bringing tears to my eyes. They’re really something else. I’m so proud of them and I’m happy that they’re my friends. Tomorrow, they’ll be performing on stage with their own song for the first time. It’s going to be like a concert. I’ll be rooting for BIGBANG and cheering for them on the top of my lungs. My fans, please show them support too…

— Han Hyun Soo

Han Hyun Soo ended up going back to school and has now become a renowned designer.

2. Herin

Herin was first revealed in 2015 as a member of SM Rookies.

However, she ended up leaving SM Entertainment in 2017. Not long after her departure, she joined the survival show Idol School, which is the program that created fromis_9. Herin ended up getting eliminated from the show, with her final ranking being #22.

After Idol School, Herin returned to England, which is her home country, and many have assumed that she’s no longer pursuing a career as an idol. She is now active on her YouTube channel, where she uploads vlogs. Here’s her latest video below!

3. Ace

Ace is a former SM Entertainment trainee who got accepted through SM Entertainment’s global auditions in Kazakhstan in 2011. He trained for multiple years and was rumored to debut with NCT. However, he ended up leaving the company in 2015.

After departing SM Entertainment, he returned to Kazakhstan and soon joined a Q-Pop band called Ninety One, and is enjoying great success.

4. Jang Ha Jin

Jang Ha Jin was an SM Entertainment trainee who was rumored to debut as a member of Girls’ Generation. However, she ended up leaving the company a year before the group was set to debut.

She then decided to focus on her studies and eventually became a student as KAIST, one of Korea’s most prestigious universities. She also published an autobiography in 2011 called “Tell Me Your Wish”.

| Naver

5. Song Minyoung

Minyoung was a JYP Entertainment trainee that was supposed to debut as a member of 6MIX. However, 6MIX’s debut ended up getting canceled due to constant line-up changes. That’s when JYP Entertainment decided to create the show SIXTEEN, which is the show that created TWICE. Unfortunately, Minyoung ended up getting eliminated from the show, which shocked many people.

Minyoung left JYP Entertainment after the conclusion of SIXTEEN. It’s currently unknown if Minyoung is still trying to pursue a career as an idol, as there have been no updates about her for multiple years.