Here Are 5 Of The Most Frustrating Things About K-Dramas

Which one of these infuriates you the most?

K-Dramas are one of the most popular things in the Korean entertainment industry, and there are plenty of aspects they are beloved for, such as their plots and characters.

While there are plenty of great aspects of K-Dramas, there are also plenty of frustrating things as well. Here’s a list of some of the most frustrating things that are seen in a lot of K-Dramas.

1. Second lead syndrome

The second lead syndrome is basically when viewers start falling in love with the second lead more than the main lead and secretly wish they get together with the female lead in the end. However, this essentially never happens, and viewers are left with the pain of second lead syndrome.

BTOB’s Yook Sungjae in School 2015 

This is even more heartbreaking when the second leads are the ones that are caring towards the female lead but end up getting rejected in the end.

Kim Hyun Joong & Goo Hye Sun in Boys Over Flowers 

Here’s a video by “The Swoon” that talks more about the second lead syndrome.

2. That one character that gets on viewers’ nerves and ruins everything

Most K-Dramas have a villain character that viewers are supposed to hate, and are supposed to be a roadblock in the plot. However, some of these characters take it to the next level and make viewers want to scream in anger.

Han So Hee in The World of the Married

One of the most common characters that are portrayed this way is the “evil mothers” of lead characters, who usually are quite controlling of their children.

Lee Hye Young in Boys Over Flowers

3. When a character that everyone loves is killed

One of the worst ways that producers break the hearts of viewers is when they decide to kill off a character that is almost universally loved. While this helps with the tension of the plot, it’s still quite a heartbreaking thing for viewers.

4. When characters make bad decisions 

One of the most frustrating things for viewers is when characters make questionable decisions. It’s especially frustrating when these decisions could have easily been avoided and were just placed there for plot purposes.

| @waesosirious/Tumblr

5. Terrible endings 

A lot of K-Dramas try to surprise viewers with unexpected endings, and some of them end up working amazingly. However, there have been many K-Dramas that have had endings that left viewers with many questions and felt somewhat incomplete.

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