Here Are 5 Gorgeous Idols Who All Share The Name “Jiyeon”

All the “Jiyeon”s are amazing!

In K-Pop, idols often take on stage names or use their birth names to promote when active in the industry. With as many idols there are, some tend to overlap with each other, and end up having the same names! Here are 5 idols who share the name Jiyeon, and fans love each “Jiyeon” for making K-Pop a more fun place!

1. T-ARA’s Jiyeon (Park Jiyeon)

Perhaps the only idol on this list to promote with “Jiyeon” as her stage name, T-ARA‘s Jiyeon is the main dancer, visual and maknae of her group! She’s known for her incredibly gorgeous visuals, sharp dance moves and charming personality that makes fans fall for her more and more!


2. Lovelyz’s Kei (Kim Jiyeon)

Lovelyz‘s Kei is the group’s main vocalist, who slays every high note with great talent and absolute ease! From the group’s debut in 2014 to 2019, she promoted only under the name Kei, but upon making her solo debut in October of 2019, she promoted under her birth name, which is Kim Jiyeon!


3. CSJH The Grace’s Lina (Lee Jiyeon)

CSJH The Grace‘s Lina is one of the group’s power vocalists, and is also their visual! Her birth name is Lee Jiyeon, and upon her debut in 2005, she adopted the stage name “Lina” for promotions, being known to her fans by her stage name!


4. WJSN’s Bona (Kim Jiyeon)

WJSN‘s Bona is the group’s lead vocalist and visual, and she is loved for her beauty and adorable personality! Her birth name is Kim Jiyeon, and as when she debuted with WJSN, she has become the Bona we all know and love!



5. Momoland’s Jane (Sung Jiyeon)

Momoland‘s Jane is the group’s main dancer and lead vocalist, and is loved by fans for her talent and incredible personality! Upon debuting as a member of Momoland, she took on the stage name “Jane”, but her birth name is Sung Jiyeon!