These 5 Idols Not Only Survived The Cringiest “Weekly Idol” Aegyo Anthem, But Made It Look A+

We present to you, the aegyo masters.

For K-Pop fans, all seasons of the Korean show Weekly Idol have been an excellent source of entertainment. That’s 200% thanks to the show hosts shamelessly pushing the idol guests to step out of their comfort zones and try the new (and sometimes ridiculously cringy) things. And among these new things would be singing the Weekly Idol‘s notorious aegyo anthems. If you know, you know; These song are… well, they’re something. Even the most aegyo-filled idols have found it impossible to keep a straight face while singing these. But, worry not! These 5 idols have not only survived the experience of singing aegyo songs — they also made it look and sound A+.

1. NCT’s Jaehyun

NCT‘s Jaehyun bias wrecked everyone with this “Ottoke Song” from the heavens above. It’s gentle, it’s smooth, it’s everything the song was ever meant to be and more.

2. ITZY’s Chaeryeong

ITZY‘s Chaeryeong served a whole buffet with her “Ottoke Song“: She’s cute, sexy, soft, and cheeky!

3. DAY6’s Wonpil

DAY6‘s Wonpil tried his best on this “Yam Yam Song” and yes, his visual had us whipped even before he started singing. But it’s the effort that got us really swoonin’.

4. LOONA’s Chuu

It’s not going to be easy to top LOONA Chuu‘s naturally-UWU version of the “Ottoke Song“. She is undeniably K-Pop’s #1 aegyo queen!

5. MONSTA X’s Joohoney

If MONSTA X Joohoney‘s “Be Mine Song” isn’t the most adorable, then what is? And the answer is yes, yes a thousand times. We’ll be yours forever and ever.

Bonus: NCT’s Jungwoo

What more needs to be said? NCT Jungwoo‘s “Ottoke Song” made Weekly Idol history. It’s a chaotic mix of aegyo and mild insanity — and boy, fans couldn’t get enough of this beaut.

Source: THEQOO