5 Korean Actors Whose Careers Almost Got Ruined By Fake Scandals

Numbers 1 and 3 are just crazy.

Fake scandals are something that many Korean celebrities have had to deal with, as many K-Pop idols almost had their careers ruined due to fake scandals. The same can be said for Korean actors, as many of them have ended up getting tied to a false rumor. Here are just a few Korean actors whose careers almost got ruined by fake scandals.

1. Lee Min Ki

In 2016, a woman reported that Lee Min Ki had sexually assaulted her when they met at a club. Even though Lee Min Ki claimed he was innocent, many netizens started to grow wary of his statement.

After some thorough investigation, it was revealed that Lee Min Ki was innocent. The woman who filed the charges ended up apologizing to Lee Min Ki after he was declared innocent.

2. Lee Dong Wook

The Shincheonji church has gotten a pretty negative image in South Korea due to their role in spreading the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the country.  During the time, many rumors started spreading about celebrities who were associated with the Shincheonji church, one of them being Lee Dong Wook.

Lee Dong Wook’s agency, King Kong Entertainment, was quick to make a statement about the false rumors.

Hello, this is King Kong by Starship.

Recently we have been able to confirm that false rumors about our artist (Lee Dong Wook) are being spread, about him being involved in a special religious sect.

In relation to this, we plan on taking strict legal action against the source of these baseless rumors, malicious slander, and comments that are defaming our artist’s character. We will also be taking legal action against anyone who shows the behavior of spreading or reproducing these rumors that deface our artist’s character and good image.

We will continue to actively monitor the situation so no further damage will happen. We will do our best to protect our artists by pursuing strict legal action without any settlements.

Thank you for loving and supporting our artists.

— King Kong by Starship

3. Go Joon Hee

In 2019, many started spreading a rumor that Go Joon Hee had been involved in the Burning Sun scandal, where she was rumored of being involved in Seungri’s alleged prostitution solicitation and illegal drug use at his club. Many started to believe the rumors because the two took a picture together.

Go Joon Hee soon had to clarify her relationship with Seungri, as she revealed that they weren’t close at all.

I only went there because of the brand. The CEO of the brand was sitting next to me.

[Seungri] joked that he will only wear that brand from now on, and he uploaded the photo with the tag ‘We’re All Secret Members Of The Brand”. I don’t know. Hashtagging is his right.

— Go Joon Hee

Go Joon Hee also denied claims of being involved in the scandal, and filed multiple lawsuits against netizens who spread the false rumors. However, Go Joon Hee’s image took quite a hit, and she was practically forced to go into hiatus for nearly a year. It wasn’t until 8 months after the whole scandal began that she was able to finally sign with a new agency to begin her career again.

4. Song Joong Ki

In 2020, rumors were circulating that Song Joong Ki was in a relationship with a lawyer. This was big news, as this was only a year after Song Joong Ki had divorced with Song Hye Kyo.

Song Joong Ki’s agency, History D&C, quickly made a statement denying the rumors.

The rumors of Song Joong Ki being in a relationship are not true. Recently, rumors have been spreading throughout the legal industry, but they are not true at all.

Song Joong Ki has been busy adjusting his schedules for his film’s inevitable delay.

— History D&C

5. Lee Tae Im

In 2015, it was reported that Lee Tae Im had harshly cursed at Yewon, which led some netizens to question her personality.

However, a leaked video showed that Lee Tae Im was upset because Yewon was speaking informally to her. Netizens soon commented on how Yewon was being unreasonable, and that they understood why Lee Tae Im reacted the way that she did.