5 Korean Celebrities Who Have Hinted At When They’ll Retire

Some of them might be retiring soon!

Retirement is usually not something Korean celebrities speak about, as most don’t have a clear idea when they will make that decision. However, there have been some Korean celebrities who have publically spoken on when they think they’ll retire. Here’s a list of a few of them.

1. IU

In 2012, IU revealed on an episode of Strong Heart, that she planned on retiring once she got married.

2. Jay Park

Jay Park hinted at his retirement in 2019, where he stated that he was going to retire “in a couple years”.

He also recently hinted at his retirement in one of his Instagram posts, where he stated that if he were to leave the industry, he would have no regrets.

| @jparkitrighthere/Instagram

This is actually a song that hinted at my retirement. I feel like I did my best and I can leave the industry without any regrets.

– Jay Park

3. Swings

In 2019, Swings revealed that he planned on retiring from the entertainment industry within 5 years.

On another program, I was just talking to the writer and without even thinking it could be broadcasted on television, I unconsciously said it. The writer asked, ‘What do you want to be doing 5 years later?’ So I replied, ‘I think I’ll probably retire?’

ㅡ Swings

He stated that it was because he was longer having fun making music.

4. Park So Hyun

Similar to IU, Park So Hyun is another celebrity that plans on retiring after getting married.

5. G-Dragon (BIGBANG)

YouTube channel by the name of “BeBoss TV” made a video showing G-Dragon’s journey to stardom. Near the end, there was a clip of G-Dragon hinting at when he’ll retire. G-Dragon shared that he plans on retiring when he feels that he doesn’t look good on stage anymore, or when he can no longer write good songs. However, G-Dragon also stated that if and when that time comes, he’ll have no regrets about leaving.

Here is the full video below!