5+ Korean Slang Phrases Taught And Explained By A Top K-Pop Idol

Wanna know what “gguel-jaem” means? You’ll have to read to find out!

Girls’ Generation member and amazingly talented soloist Tiffany Young taught Korean slang over at the Vanity Fair YouTube channel, and since we all love Korea and Tiffany, this seemed like the best way to learn some new phrases!


Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s get to learning!

1. Oh jut da

That means… It’s lit.

—Tiffany Young

Tiffany explains that “if you see something and it looks good” you would say, “oh jut da“!

Source: Vanity Fair/YouTube

2. Jju luh

Like… damn!

—Tiffany Young

This is pretty self-explanatory. 😆

Source: Vanity Fair/YouTube

3. Saejaelyae

Tiffany explains that this basically means “prettiest girl in the world.” So, if you’re talking to a girl who is Korean or Korean American, you can praise her by saying “saejaelyae“.

Source: Vanity Fair/YouTube

4. Ganji

Ganji means swag.

—Tiffany Young

Source: Vanity Fair/YouTube

5. Chi-maek

This means “chicken beer“!

Source: Vanity Fair/YouTube

6. Ggul-jaem

Tiffany said this means “honey“. Awww!

Source: Vanity Fair/YouTube

Want to learn more Korean slang with Tiffany? Watch the video below for more cool phrases, as well as how to properly pronounce them!

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