5+ K-Pop Idols Who Left Their Group Due To Health Reasons

It’s not easy being a K-Pop idol.

The life of a K-Pop idol is extremely stressful, both mentally and physically. Sometimes idols choose to leave their group to focus on their health. Here’s a list of a few idols who left their group due to health reasons.

1. Hwall (Former member of THE BOYZ)

In 2019, it was announced that Hwall would be withdrawing from THE BOYZ due to various health issues and psychological burdens, such as a lingering ankle injury.

After careful consideration, Hwall expressed his intentions to halt his activities, due to various health reasons and psychological burdens. After fully discussing the issue with Hwall and his family, we have decided to respect his intentions.

We are announcing that Hwall has ended his time as a member of THE BOYZ. We are very sorry to announce these news to the fans who have been waiting for his return.

— Cre.ker Entertainment

2. Eunjin (Former member of DIA)

In 2018, Eunjin announced that she would be departing from DIA due to her struggles with fear and anxiety.

| Naver

Hello. This is Eunjin.
How have the AID (DIA’s fan club) members been? To all the fans that have been waiting for me, I would like to apologize for greeting you through this letter. It may be a bit long, but I’m hoping it contains my sincerity.

Truthfully, my health has been deteriorating since last year. If there were days I felt okay, there were also days when I couldn’t even leave the dorm all day because it was too difficult. Whenever that happened, the members were next to me holding my hand, so it was bearable.

But when I was on stage, it was hard to get rid of the feelings of fear and being overpowered. That’s why there were many times when I showed a bad side of myself and showed a disappointing side. I think that could have been a source of disappointment to the people supporting DIA. I know it’s late, but I would like to sincerely apologize for my actions.

For the people who were by my side helping me as well as for myself, I continued to receive treatment, but my health is still not good. This is something I wanted to do for a long time, I wanted to do it well, and it was precious to me. But at the moment, I lack many things.
As DIA is preparing for a comeback, I didn’t want to cause trouble and be of no help to them, so I have made the difficult decision of leaving the group.

I have made this decision after a lot of time spent in thought. Again, I’m sorry for causing you this pain. But I hope that the people I love, and the people that love me, will not be hurt by my decision.

This is my last goodbye as DIA’s Eunjin, but as the fan that loves DIA the most, I will cheer on our members, and go back to an ordinary person in her 20’s and live well.

To my precious DIA members, the agency staff members, and AID, who were always there for me and always worrying for me, thank you. I love you.
I will think of the love you guys gave me whenever and wherever, and be strong.

— Eunjin

3. Aini (Former member of PinkFantasy)

In 2020, Aini left PinkFantasy due to some health issues that made it difficult for her to practice choreographies. While Aini is no longer active as an idol, she’s still active as a model.

4. Jenny (Former member of DIA)

In 2019, MBK Entertainment announced that Jenny would be leaving DIA due to constant health issues with her knee.

Hello, this is MBK Entertainment.

First, we would like to apologize for bringing bad news to everyone who loves and supports DIA. We are sharing news about Jenny leaving DIA.

During DIA’s ‘SUMMER ADE’ promotions, Jenny was suffered from severe pain in her knees, and after examination, she was diagnosed with osteomalacia. Because of this, she could not promote with the group during their ‘NEWTRO’ promotions.

We have been doing our best to help Jenny with her recovery, and with continuous treatment, her health has gotten a lot better.

However, it is still too much for her to continue with DIA activities. Following the opinion of the doctors, and after many discussions with Jenny, it has been decided that she will stop promoting with DIA and work hard on her recovery.

We would like to apologize to AID who has been waiting to see Jenny return to the group healthy.

We would also like to apologize to AID for the sudden news, and we would like to thank AID for loving Jenny all this time.

Thank you.

— MBK Entertainment

5. Jinsub (Former member of IN2IT)

In 2018, it was announced that Jinsub would be leaving IN2IT due to him suffering from Meniere’s disease. This is an incurable disorder in the inner ear, which can cause multiple symptoms such as hearing loss.

Good afternoon, this is MMO Entertainment.

First of all, we’d like to thank IN2U for loving and supporting IN2IT for the last six months.

Currently, IN2IT is putting a lot of effort into their new album to come back with better music and performance.

We’re very sorry to inform you, but we decided to let Jinsub go so that he can focus on curing his Meniere’s disease which he has been suffering from for a long time.

As one of IN2IT members, Junsub is so precious to us. However, his health should be the top priority.

Although he cannot be with us as one of IN2IT members any longer, please keep supporting him. We all wish his complete recovery in the near future.

— MMO Entertainment

6. Jaeseok (Former member of Golden Child)

In 2018, Jaeseok ended up leaving Golden Child to focus on his health. This came as a surprise since he left the group less than a year after their debut.

7.  Taehyun (Former member of WINNER)

In 2016, YG Entertainment announced that Taehyun would be leaving WINNER due to mental health issues.

WINNER who had many things planned for them this year had put all their activities on hold unfortunately due to Taehyun’s mental health issues.

YG and the other members have put Taehyun’s mental health as the main priority and decided to wait for his recovery. However, due to the fact that the mental issue was one that has been present ever since his childhood, it is impossible to predict when he will recover and when he will be able to return to activities.

After much discussions with Taehyun, we have decided that it is not possible for him to continue activities as a part of WINNER and as of November 18th the exclusive contract between YG and Nam Tae Hyun has been terminated.

This is mainly due to the fact that Taehyun felt responsible for the fact that the team was put on halt because of him and that WINNER, who is only two years into their debut, can no longer wait to continue their activities.

Although Taehyun will no longer be with WINNER we hope that they will continue to support each other in their musical careers.

YG plans to continue promoting WINNER as a 4 member group with no addition of new members. Please show WINNER and Taehyun much support and love as they stand on the start line again.

— YG Entertainment