5 K-Pop Idols Whose True Personality Got Exposed By People Who Knew Them Personally

Number 5 will just warm your hearts.

Fans and netizens can only know so much about idols from watching them on broadcasts. There have been many moments when people close to idols have spoken about what their personalities are really like. Here’s a list of a few K-Pop idols whose true personality got exposed by people who knew them personally.

1. Jin (BTS)

Singer Solbi once shared what Jin’s personality was like off-camera.

The two got close after being castmates on The Law of The Jungle.

Solbi revealed that Jin approached the cast members about making a group chat and was the one who broke the ice. She also shared that Jin always replies to texts, despite how busy he may be.

There’s never been an instance where he didn’t reply to my text. That’s when I thought, ‘he is very detailed, that’s why he is doing so well’. His personality is really good!

— Solbi

2. Jisoo (BLACKPINK)

Some old schoolmates of Jisoo once revealed what her personality was like.

Jisoo pre-debut
| Instiz

She (Jisoo) was nice!!! When I first went into middle school I didn’t know that many people in my class but she was in the class next door!! She was friends with a girl I wasn’t on good terms with and that girl was the type where if she didn’t like someone, her friends couldn’t like that person either, right? She would go around saying bad stuff about me so all her friends looked at me in a bad light but when we did joint classes, Kim Jisoo would talk to me first kekeke. This was during our first year in middle school which is a time when kids are sensitive to that kind of thing so I was more careful kekekeke I was thinking along the lines of “if [Jisoo] talks to me first, that girl probably wont like it”.

— Jisoo’s schoolmate

| Instiz

Jisoo was nice. I was in the same class as her and wasn’t super close to her but she was bright and nice and pretty. She did doze off a lot during classes keke (I saw her drooling while sleeping a lot). She was nice and got along with everyone. From the kids that were kind of bad to the ones that were bookworms, her friend-spectrum was wide. She had a bright personality. Her image right now is like the girl in the movie You are the Apple of My Eye but in reality she laughs a lot and even laughs like “heu heh heh”.

— Jisoo’s schoolmate

3. Rain

Rain’s former manager once posted on an online community about his experience of working with him.

| Dispatch

When I used to work with ‘Hyungnim’, he told me this.

‘Your role isn’t to stop the fans from coming toward me.’

‘Your role is to make sure that me and my fans can talk to each other in a safe and smooth manner.’

He not only has the face, height, physique, singing ability, and dancing ability, but he’s also diligent with the most perfect character and personality.

Those who watched him on ‘Hangout With Yoo’, do you finally understand why he’s my role model?

— Rain’s former manager

4. IU

IU’s drummer, Kim Seung Ho, is quite close to IU, and once shared what she’s like off-camera.


He first gave praise to IU’s music and how she’s able to create songs from her innermost feelings.

IU’s thoughts on music are deep and her understanding of the overall music process is outstanding.

— Kim Seung Ho

He also praised her personality and how she’s often misunderstood due to how quiet she can be.

She’s really the best. She often gets misunderstood due to her shy and quiet personality, but once you get to know her more, you’ll find that she’s really a genuine and honest person.

— Kim Seung Ho

5. Bomi (Apink)

This statement wasn’t made by someone close to Bomi, but a netizen once posted a story of Bomi helping their younger sibling. The netizen stated that their younger sibling had a hard time making friends in middle school due to health reasons. The younger sibling also was quite shy and got picked on a lot. The netizen then stated that their younger sibling went to the same middle school as Bomi and that Bomi would always treat their younger sibling well. Bomi reportedly ate lunch with the netizen’s younger sibling, and courageously told the bullies to stop bothering the younger sibling! 

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