5 K-Pop Trends That Are Sorely Missed By Many Fans

All these trends are missed dearly by fans!

As everything around the world changes and evolves, so does K-Pop! Fans of the genre can largely agree that K-Pop has changed greatly over the years, with some trends fading away and new ones taking their place! Here are 5 trends that fans miss and reminisce about often, which remind them of the older days of K-Pop!

1. Sexy concepts

For a few years in K-Pop, sexy concepts dominated the genre! There were tons of girl groups that brought out their sexiest and sultriest songs and outfits onstage, and released some of the most iconic sexy anthems of K-Pop!

| Former KARA member Nicole

| DSP Media

Some of the groups that totally owned the sexy concept are SISTAR, KARA, EXID, Girl’s Day, Miss A and AOA!

“Touch My Body”- SISTAR


“Mister”- KARA


“Up And Down”- EXID


“Something”- Girl’s Day


“Hush”- Miss A


“Miniskirt”- AOA


2. Co-ed variety shows

There are tons of variety shows these days, but for some K-Pop fans, old is gold! Shows such as Invincible Youth, Star Golden Bell and many more brought together idols from different groups and agencies, and most also featured tons of interactions between boy groups and girl groups!

| Star Golden Bell

As not too many shows today feature idols mingling amongst each other, older fans reminisce about the times they would have golden interactions between many of their favorite idols, and miss those variety shows very much!

| Invincible Youth


3. Weird, fun and quirky concepts in K-Pop

The emphasis on visuals and cool concepts in K-Pop is one of the happening trends right now, but there was a time where the genre was filled with some of the weirdest, quirkiest concepts! Groups like Crayon Pop, f(x) and Orange Caramel delivered some of the wildest songs and choreographies seen in K-Pop, and fans miss the endearing concepts of these groups!

“Bar Bar Bar”- Crayon Pop


“Catallena”- Orange Caramel


“Nu ABO”- f(x)

A few songs and groups measure up to the “fun and quirky” side of K-Pop, groups such as Red Velvet (“Zimzalabim”) and MAMAMOO (“Taller Than You”) have released total bops that totally fit with the previous trends of fun, wild and unique!

“Zimzalabim”- Red Velvet


“Taller Than You”- MAMAMOO


4. Memorable point dances

The choreography game in K-Pop has really stepped up in recent years, and has birthed some of the most iconic routines there are! But with the increasing levels of skill and difficulty it takes to create and execute such choreographies, there seems to be a lack of memorable “point dances” in comebacks, easy dances that were trendy and that everyone could follow easily!

| The “butt dance” from KARA’s “Mister”

The “crab-leg” dance in Girls’ Generation‘s “Gee”;

The “arrogant-dance” from Brown Eyed Girls‘ “Abracadabra”

And also, the chorus moves from Wonder Girls‘ “Nobody” are regarded as some of the most iconic moves- even today!


5. Retro songs

Retro songs were super iconic in K-Pop, as it brought a new delivery of already known sounds with an extra K-Pop punch, and tons of fans miss them! Most of Wonder Girls’ discography, T-ARA‘s “Roly Poly” and Lee Hyori‘s “Miss Korea” are some legendary examples of the retro sound!

“Roly Poly”- T-ARA


“Miss Korea”- Lee Hyori

The trend has not completely disappeared from K-Pop, however! In recent years, plenty of groups have brought back that retro sound, such as MAMAMOO’s “Aah Oop!”, SHINee‘s “1 Of 1” and Red Velvet’s “Be Natural” and “Automatic”!

“Aah Oop!”- MAMAMOO


“1 Of 1”- SHINee


“Be Natural”- Red Velvet


“Automatic”- Red Velvet