5 Male Idols Who Are Smooth AF With Girls

Get ready to take some notes!

For some male idols, interacting with their female counterparts is a challenge at best and a total failure at worst. What if it causes a scandal? What if it brings out their inner dork? These charismatic idols, on the other hand, ask no such questions. They’re naturals.


1. BTS‘s RM

RM is, by far, one of BTS’s chillest members. Not much can fluster this easy-going rapper, and that includes women. Unlike certain other BTS members (who shall remain nameless) RM has no problem conversing with the opposite sex.


RM is just as comfortable talking to female idols…


…as he is talking to female fans…


…and female interviewers.

In fact, this smooth-talker is just as suave speaking English as he is speaking Korean.


In addition to being chill AF and a great conversationalist, RM is a first-class gentleman. In this video, he instinctively reaches out to help Ailee walk down a flight of stairs.


2. Super Junior‘s Heechul

Heechul is K-Pop’s reigning King of Flirt. He has a reputation for flirting with anything and anyone, yet despite his touchy-feely tendencies, Heechul is one of the few male idols who can befriend a female idol without stirring up dating rumors


Heechul’s numerous female friends include Jeon Somi


..and Red Velvet‘s Yeri. 


Watch this compilation video to see this ladies’ man in action!


3. Henry

This real-life Romeo can turn his charm on an off like a tap! He is not at all shy around women and is generous with his affection.


Henry gives hugs freely…


…and kisses too!


Many We Got Married couples don’t lock lips at all, but Henry kissed his on-screen wife Yewon right on their wedding day!


According to Henry’s BBF, Amber, he may be a little too friendly with the ladies.


During an episode of Happy Together she called out Henry for his flirtiness and went so far as to call him ‘trash’!


4. GOT7‘s Jackson 

They say that men who love their moms know how to treat a woman. Jackson is a shining example of this.


Jackson is known to be kind and loving to girls of every shape and size…


…no matter how old they are!


When it comes to women, Jackson is both protective…


…and playful.


He is 100% comfortable with skinship and rarely loses his cool…


…except when Ga Yeon is around. This charismatic charmer turned into a total fanboy when met Ga Yeon on Roommate.


5.  2AM’s Jinwoon

Jinwoon has many close female friends, including former KARA member, Nicole. Although this playful singer is as comfortable around girls as he is around guys, this has led to some confusion in the past.


During We Got Married, Jinwoon’s on-screen wife, Go Jun Hee, said that her “husband” did skinship without thinking of it as skinship.

When Jun Hee helped Jinwoon prepare his dish during cooking lesson, Jinwoon hugged her without a second thought.


Jinwoon claimed the casual hug was just a ‘thank you’, but his sudden skinship took Jun Hee by surprise.

“What was that for?”


Unfortunately, “game” does not come naturally to all male idols. Check out this bonus video to see some of K-Pop’s shy guys.