Here Are 5 Of The Most Ridiculous Things Netizens Have Criticized The BTS Members For

You’ll be surprised by how ridiculous some of these are.

BTS has had to deal with ridiculous netizens for many years, where it seems that the members get criticized for the most bizarre things. Here’s a list of some of the most ridiculous things netizens have criticized the BTS members for.

1. Jungkook’s tattoos

When Jungkook first revealed his tattoos, there were lots of fans who adored them due to their sweet meaning.

However, some netizens weren’t fond of the tattoos, as they felt that due to BTS’s popularity, no member should be having a tattoo since it could “ruin” their reputation.

2. V’s appearance

Some netizens once criticized V’s appearance, saying that he looked “ordinary” when standing next to other celebrities.

| @KBSWorldTV/Twitter

3. RM posting a photo

RM once posted a photo on Twitter, showing his smiling face to ARMYs.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

Some netizens decided to criticize RM for posting the photo, as they felt that he was “trying too hard to look attractive”.

4. V singing another group’s song

During one of BTS’s acceptance speech at M! Countdown, V was seen singing some parts of BIGBANG‘s “Loser”.

Many netizens criticized him for this action, as they thought it was “rude” of him to sing another group’s song during their winning stage.

5. Jungkook making a tweet

In late 2019, Jungkook had gotten involved in a minor car accident with a taxi. On the same day that it happened, Jungkook shared a quick selfie on Twitter for his fans.

While there was no way of verifying if Jungkook took the photo immediately after the accident, netizens still criticized him for posting the photo, as they thought he was being “careless”.