5 Of The Most Shocking And Heartbreaking K-Pop Group Disbandments

A lot of these groups deserved better treatment.

Some K-Pop groups get unfair treatment from their companies, as companies can make decisions that can cause damage to certain groups. Some K-Pop groups even end up disbanding due to some unwise decisions from companies, which breaks the hearts of fans. Here are 5 of the most shocking and heartbreaking K-Pop group disbandments.

1. 2NE1

Despite helping the company tremendously, YG Entertainment gave some unfair treatment towards 2NE1. After Park Bom went into hiatus in 2014 due to her drug scandal, the group essentially went into hiatus. After a long hiatus, Minzy ended up leaving both the group and company. Despite YG Entertainment confirming that 2NE1 would continue as a trio, they ended up disbanding later that year.

2. X1

X1 was created through Produce X 101 and was initially promised a 5-year contract. The group had to halt all their activities once it was confirmed that the votes for the show were rigged. Despite some initial reports that X1 would be continuing their activities, a small meeting was held by the companies of the respective X1 members. Despite the X1 members wanting to attend the meeting themselves and expressing their wishes of continuing as a group, the agencies didn’t allow it. In less than 2 hours, X1 disbanded after some discussion with the members’ companies.


PRISTIN debuted in 2017 and had some great success, as they gained some attention for their music. Despite this success, PRISTIN essentially ended up going into a hiatus after their debut. After a few years, Pledis Entertainment unexpectedly announced that PRISTIN had disbanded. PRISTIN ended up only releasing 2 mini albums, both of which came during their debut year.

4. 4Minute

4Minute was one of the most iconic groups for Cube Entertainment, as they helped build the company to what it is today. The iconic group ended up disbanding in 2016, as Cube Entertainment stated that the members shared different opinions. However, an entertainment expert revealed that 4Minute may have disbanded due to 4Minute being unprofitable, and being viewed as an “unnecessary” group by Cube Entertainment.

5. Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls has gone through many changes throughout their careers, whether it be members or concepts. Wonder Girls originally debuted as a 5 member group in 2007, composed of members Sohee, HyunA, Yeeun, Sunye, and Sunmi. HyunA left the group after their debut due to concerns from her parents. Yubin was soon added to the group to replace HyunA. Hyerim was added to the group in 2010 once it was announced that Sunmi would be taking a temporary break. Sunye and Sohee eventually left the group to pursue other things, but Wonder Girls still found success as 4 members. The group made a shocking announcement in 2017 when they announced their disbandment, as Yeeun and Sunmi decided to leave the company.