5 Stars Who Fought Their Way To Stardom Without Any Help

These idols started from the bottom now they’re making millions! And they’ve become stars without any special treatment or help.

1. Won Bin

Won Bin is the youngest son of a coal miner, so growing up he didn’t have very much besides his good looks and acting ability. He originally planned to become a mechanic, thinking it would be too hard to debut, but eventually moved to Seoul to pursue an acting career. He worked in a lot of part-time jobs, delivering newspapers and working at a construction site before becoming more well-known thanks to his mentor Andre Kim.


2. Jung Woo Sung

Jung Woo Sung is very successful now as a model, actor and producer, but growing up his family was very poor. He lived with his parents, brother and sister in a run-down house with only one bedroom. Now, he donates over thousands every year to poor refugees.


3. IU

IU‘s parents lost their house so IU was raised by her grandmother. Because her parents were unable to guarantee their debts, they were so poor they had to eat potatoes every meal. Before her debut, she lived in a single room with her cousin, brother, and grandmother, but now she never has to worry about money, being a successful singer, songwriter, actress and radio hostess.


4. Bae Yong Joon

Bae Yong Joon is famous for his role in Winter Sonata, but the road to the top was paved with problems, starting when he was a student and his father’s business failed. After university, he decided he would pursue his dream of becoming a director, but his first job was as a crew member with barely any pay. After meeting an actor, he gave up becoming a filmmaker and settled for acting. Now he’s the chairman of a management agency is worth billions. His house is said to have a current market value of over 6 million dollars.


5. Dok2

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Lee Joon Kyung, better known by his stage name Dok2, is a South Korean rapper, record producer and co-founder of Illionaire Records. He is said to live in a penthouse apartment opposite Yeuido park with seven luxury cars, but when he was young times were hard. His entire family is said to have lived in a container on the roof of a building before moving to Seoul, where they rented a small one-room apartment.