5 Step Guide On How To Ace Flying Yoga Like BTS According To “Run BTS”

The only way to do it correctly.

The recent episode of RUN BTS featured the BTS members trying out flying yoga for the first time. Though they were nervous initially, by the end of the episode, they managed to reinvent the sport completely.

So, here is an updated guide to acing a flying yoga session, as presented by BTS:

Step 1: Start with vocalizing your appreciation for your instructor

You need to remember that if your instructor is not feeling like the most attractive person on earth at the beginning of the session, you have failed as a student already.

Step 2: Warm up by doing absolutely unnecessary activities

Twist yourself in the silk ropes and fly around like Jin‘s pet sugar gliders. Spin like a ballerina or a bowl in a microwave. The possibilities are endless.

Step 3: Admire your sexiness while stretching

Remember to love yourself and speak yourself. Internalize the belief that there is nothing sexier than your twisted limbs desperately trying to keep all organs together.

Step 4: Make sure to scream for your life or sing your way through it

Don’t hold back on vocalizing your feelings. Let the world know that you are trying out flying yoga for the first time. Rule of thumb: if people around you can have a conversation while speaking at a normal volume, you’re doing it wrong.


Step 5: Hold the pain and POSE before you resume screaming

At the end of the day, what matters is the pictures. Take inspiration from Jungkook‘s tactics. Hold your breath and give the most breathtaking smile to the camera and then proceed to scream it out.

Make sure to slowly follow through each step, and remember to stay hydrated!


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