Here Are 5 Things That K-Pop Fans Need To Stop Doing

Some of these can really hurt idols.

While there are plenty of great fans in K-Pop who spread positivity, there are also a lot of K-Pop fans who tend to have some bad “habits”. Here’s a list of some things that K-Pop fans need to stop doing.

1. Downgrading groups

With how many amazing groups there are in K-Pop, it’s no surprise that records are constantly being broken. However, some “fans” decide that rather than congratulating a group on their accomplishment, they’d rather use it as a chance to downgrade another group. K-Pop idols have been quite vocal to their fans that they shouldn’t be disrespectful to others. BTS‘s RM is quite vocal about spreading positivity and has a simple quote for disrespectful people.

If you can’t respect, don’t even open your mouth

— RM

2. Trying to know everything about an idols life

While K-Pop fans and idols share a special relationship, where idols tend to share some personal information with them, that doesn’t mean that idols have to tell their fans EVERYTHING about their personal lives. BIGBANG‘s T.O.P once got involved in a dating rumor, and YG Entertainment responded in a way that got a lot of praise from fans.

It’s difficult for us to confirm something that’s regarding our artists’ private lives. We ask for your understanding.

— YG Entertainment

3. Spamming“Where’s _____?” during live broadcasts

K-Pop idols sometimes do solo live broadcasts if their members aren’t with them. However, some “fans” end up asking these idols where the other members are. This could easily hurt the idol doing the live broadcast. One case was when MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk did a live broadcast, and “fans” made many comments about the other members.

4. Feeling entitled just because you’re a fan

While most K-Pop fans are mature about this, there are some “fans” who believe they are entitled to something just because they’re a fan. One case involved a “fan” of IZ*ONE.

IZ*ONE’s manager once made a post on how a “fan” kicked IZ*ONE’s van because the manager didn’t allow them to take a photo with the members.

The person who kicked our moving van because we didn’t let you take a picture with IZ*ONE?

– IZ*ONE’s Manager

5. Treating idols like babies

Most K-Pop idols are adults, and they should be treated as adults. One common thing that idols get criticized for is dating. EXO‘s Chen recently got boycotted by several Korean “fans” due to him getting married.

Another thing that can get some “fans” upset is when idols are with people who smoke. BTS‘s Jimin was once captured with SHINee‘s Taemin playing pool, and fans had some mixed reactions since Taemin was smoking.

| ReadyMadeIs

Some of Jimin’s fans expressed their desire for Jimin to stop hanging out with Taemin due to this.

“If I were Jimin, I wouldn’t be friends with Taemin.”

“Taemin shouldn’t be smoking around Jimin.”

“I wish Jimin didn’t hang out in those places.”


However, some fans said that Jimin was an adult and that he should be able to do what he wants.

“Why does it matter if they smoke or not?”

“Jimin can do whatever he wants to do. He’s an adult.”