Here Are 5 Times BTS’s V And Jungkook Did The Same Thing, But Had Very Different Outcomes

#4 is our favorite!

I think it’s safe to say that at this point in time, pretty much everyone in the world loves the BTS boys and their fun personalities. Out of the 7 members, and Jungkook may be the goofiest of the bunch and this list proves it. While they’re a dynamic duo, they can’t be more different even if they tried. So let’s take a look at 5 times V and Jungkook did the same exact thing, but ended up with very different results.

1. The Bug

Bugs are the worst and are true nuisances whenever we encounter them. V was getting his make-up touched up when a bug flew near his head. He responded in the most appropriate way possible, by hiding his body away from it and letting out a little yelp. V responded in the same way that anyone else would.

But then we have Jungkook, who instead of running away from the bug, throws his literal hands up to fight the beast.

2. The Acrobats

Next up is quite an acrobatic move. We can see V trying to get back on his feet by propelling himself upward in a bridge-like motion. While he may have failed the move, V adorably admits his defeat. This move is difficult to execute due to the immense strength and agility it requires so again, we are 100% with V on this one.

And then of course, we have Jungkook at a concert who just casually executes this move in one swift movement because, of course he does.

3. The Air Gun

Here is another example of the contrast between the two members. V can be seen playing with an air gun that is used as a prop at concerts to expel stage fog. While at first, V looked excited to play with the prop, he looked noticeably terrified after realizing how strong the pressure of the gun truly was. He can be seen placing the gun gently back down after his brief demonstration.

Jungkook, on the otherhand approached the air gun as Jungkook would, by shooting it randomly through his legs and in the air like he didn’t care. He looks so unfazed and excited about the prop.

4. The Bottle Kick

Here we have another demonstration of acrobatic abilities by the two BTS members. V does his best to try to kick off a water bottle lid. He really tried, but again, adorably admits his defeat by laughing it off when he realized he didn’t succeed.

And then again, here comes the golden maknae showing off to all of his hyungs. In one, cool swift motion, Jungkook kicks off the water bottle cap perfectly. Do you see V’s shocked expression in the background?

5. The Massive Fish

Now, you may be wondering what you’re looking at in this next clip. On the right, V can be seen trying to break apart a very hard Korean snack. In the original video, V can be heard saying “Jungkook-ah, this is really hard.” However, to the left, fans can see that Jungkook had already broken up the hard snack and was waiting for the next steps.

While it may have seemed like the two BTS members were trying to outdo one another, V and Jungkook have an incredibly close relationship. The crackhead energy that the two share cannot be taken away due to some friendly competition. They dance when the other dances,

They flop when the other flops,

and they play when the other plays.

These two boys are truly the biggest goofs that anyone could meet, and that’s exactly why we all love them.

Source: theqoo and Image