5 Times BTS’s V Looked Ridiculously Attractive And Stunned ARMY

His visuals are unreal…

BTS V‘s stunning visuals are no joke. How he manages to look so good 24/7, no one knows. But regardless, here are five such moments when V blew ARMY away simply because he looked ridiculously attractive.

| @BigHitEnt/Twitter

1. Playing tennis

How can he look so good without even trying? He’s literally just wearing a plain t-shirt and headband yet he looks so good.


2. Working out

Once again, he’s just wearing a plain t-shirt while working out, yet he looks stunning. Not an easy feat.


3. On stage

Obviously he’s going to look amazing on stage, but he always manages to exceed expectations. This look from the Japan fanmeeting is an example.


4. On stage pt. 2

This look for their “Dionysus” performance at the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon was exquisite. His stunning vocals paired with his equally stunning visuals is a killer combo.


5. Playing tennis pt. 2

Seriously, how can he look so good while doing a physical activity? He looks phenomenal both on and off the stage.



+1 His mirror selfie

He needs to share his mirror selfie tricks with ARMY immediately.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter