5+ Times EXO’s Kai Wowed The World In His Scandalously Hot Crop Tops

Hot damn.

EXO‘s Kai once said in a radio interview that he doesn’t really gain weight around his abs, lucky him. In turn, from “Tempo” to “Love Shot”, and now in EXO’s latest “Obsession”, Kai makes the most of his blessed fat-less abs in these impeccable crop top styles. His bold fashion statement continues to leave K-Pop fans in complete awe. Here are 5+ times Kai rocked his most scandalously-revealing outfits.


1. In His Croppiest Crop Yet

In EXO’s comeback MV for “Obsession”, Kai reaches a whole new level of cropped in his series of crop top styles.


2. While Flashing That Balenciaga

Kai was casually wearing denim on denim in this “Love Shot” performance, but fans had their eyes glued on his abs peepin’ underneath.


3. Under His Blazer

This might be the very statement Kai wants to make with his crop top outfits: Don’t mess up his tempo.


4. With An Unrivaled Elegance

This outfit for his “I See You” performance at EXO PLANET #4 has left a thousand and more EXO-Ls breathless.


5. In Classic Black

Kai’s deep-cut V-neck crop is proof that black can never go wrong.


6. In Passionate Red

What is bolder than passionate red on stage? Passionate red cropped sweaters.


7. While Pairing Leather & Stripes

Using some of the trendiest items, like stripes, suspenders, and leather pants, Kai created this timeless look that rightfully belongs in the list of K-Pop’s most sensational outfits.



And while this would barely pass as a crop top and more so as topless, we’re including this guns&roses styling on Kai on this list because it simply cannot go unnoticed.