5 Times K-Pop Idols Nearly Got Kidnapped

Number 4 is just frightening.

K-Pop idols have to deal with dangerous situations all the time, as people like sasaeng fans make their job extremely stressful. There are even some K-Pop idols who’ve nearly gotten kidnapped. Here’s a list of some idols who had to experience this.

1. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)

In 2011, a sasaeng fan decided to sneak on stage and nearly kidnap Taeyeon when Girls’ Generation was performing.

Thankfully, the MC of the show, Oh Jung Tae, as well as Sunny, were able to follow the sasaeng fan and free Taeyeon.

Oh Jung Tae

Here’s the full incident below.

2. EXO

Some EXO sasaeng fans once rented a van that looked similar to the one EXO uses and parked it near where EXO was finishing a schedule. When EXO finished up their schedule, they started heading towards the van, as they thought it was theirs.

Thankfully, their manager stopped them from getting in, as he thought the van was suspicious.


This is more of a heartwarming story, but the members of VIXX once got trapped on a bus and kidnapped when they were in Kazakhstan. When VIXX and their managers were on a bus headed towards the airport to return to Korea, they ran into a strange situation. When they arrived at the airport, the managers ended up leaving the bus first. They were in for a surprise when the bus driver ended up closing the bus doors and speeding off with the members still on the bus.

We asked where we were going at the bus driver told us that because checking in was going to take awhile they were taking us to the airport lounge first.

— N

The VIXX members didn’t think much of this situation, as they just thought there was some miscommunication. When the members got to the lounge, they were treated like royalty. Also, their managers ended up catching up to them but weren’t allowed in the lounge despite the VIXX members giving their approval.

The guards told us our managers couldn’t come in because only distinguished guests were allowed.

— N

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The VIXX members were in for a surprise when a high school girl walked into the lounge. They were then told that the young girl was the daughter of Kazakhstan’s president and that she was a big fan of VIXX, particularly N.

Apparently, the princess was a fan of VIXX and she liked me best.

— N

It turns out the whole “kidnapping” was arranged so that she could have a personal meet-and-greet with the members.

4. Lee Bon

First-generation idol Lee Bon shared that she once got kidnapped by a sasaeng fan, during the 90s. It happened when she suddenly blacked out when walking towards her car.

It was a very cold day. My manager went ahead to heat up the car since I only had about 10~20 minutes left of filming. I finished filming and headed down a long stairway, but just as I was getting close to the car I blacked out.

— Lee Bon

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When she woke up, she knew that she was in a stranger’s room. While she was frightened at first, some of it went away after she heard the conversation going on outside the room.

When I opened my eyes the next day, I realized I wasn’t in my room.

I heard from outside the room, someone saying, ‘Why did you bring her here and cause all this trouble?’ I realized that my kidnapper may not want to harm me.

I went outside and asked why they kidnapped me.

— Lee Bon

Lee Bon eventually got up and confronted her kidnapper, who said that he did it because his brother was a huge fan of hers.

The kidnapper told me that his brother was a big fan so he went overboard for him.

Realizing he was a fan, I asked them to show me around their neighborhood.

— Lee Bon

Lee Bon also shared that the fan tried proposing to her with some expensive gifts, but she ended up rejecting his proposals.

It ended there, but the next day a yellow luxury sports car was sent to my house. It was a proposal from the fan.

But I rejected him multiple times and it ended there.

— Lee Bon

5. Kwon Nara (Former member of Hello Venus)

While Kwon Nara is no longer an idol, she too is someone who had to deal with nearly getting kidnapped. She revealed on an episode of Happy Together, that when she was waiting for her father to come to pick her up, a strange van started to approach her.

That’s when a man jumped out of the van and grabbed her, dragging her towards the van.

At that moment, her father came and saved her from the situation.