Here Are 5 Times Kwanghee Gave Zero F*cks And Went Full Savage On Everyone

Today, be savage. Be a Kwanghee.

Kwanghee has come a long way, after debuting as part of the boy group ZE:A in 2010. Since then, he successfully survived a decade in the entertainment business — not only as a K-Pop idol, but also a TV personality. While his character and visual do set him apart, it is largely his “IDGAF” attitude that makes him shine. In fact, Kwanghee is one of the select few that can say everything that is on his mind — and boy, do we adore his sassy charm! Here are 5 times Kwanghee gave absolutely zero f*cks and went full savage on everyone.

1. On Radio Star

In the latest episode of Radio Star, Kwanghee gave the hosts a piece of him when they found it surprising that his appearance on Hangout With Yoo to “manage” SSAK3 landed him some TV commercial offers.

As Kim Goo Ra couldn’t hold back the amusement, Kwanghee snapped, “Of course Hangout With Yoo brings in good opportunities. It’s not Radio Star, you know?

Playfully, but also fiercely, Kwanghee dished, “You think Radio Star gets me any offers? No, it barely gets press. So don’t kid yourselves. I’m only here to be polite, since it’s also a MBC show.” The hosts, especially Kim Goo Ra, couldn’t find anything else to add — making this one Kwanghee’s absolute victory.

2. On Hangout With Yoo

Throughout his appearance on Hangout With Yoo, Kwanghee made sure SSAK3 members — Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Hyori, and RAIN — knew exactly what is on his mind.

When Lee Hyori wanted to make sure that Kwanghee gets his fair share of the attention on the show, he got emotional — about the heat he had been facing for “trying to play a part in SSAK3’s show.”

Kwanghee went full savage and attacked the haters, “Listen carefully, you haters. I’m here because Lee Hyori wants me to be here. Hangout With Yoo asked me to come on the show first, not the other way around.” He then threatened, “Keep talking and I’ll send you all summons from the court. I don’t hold back!” Look at him go off!

3. On Amazing Saturday

As a special guest on Amazing Saturday, Kwanghee did not hesitate to put the hosts back in their places — when Boom asked which ones he would consider “top stars“.

Though Kwanghee warned, “I can tell you but you all have to promise that you won’t get mad — because the truth may be harsh but I only speak the truth“…

… when he started dishing at everyone to be “one hit wonders“, it created absolute chaos. Kwanghee didn’t budge though, as he preached, “You think your popularity will last forever? No. I thought Infinite Challenge would be forever too. Will SM Entertainment protect you for life? Will the I Live Alone production last until the end of time? Wake up! We’re all one hit wonders.” Ouch, Kwanghee. Ouch.

4. On Martdang

While cooking pork cutlets with chef Park Jun Woo on Martdang, Kwanghee became a prime example of throwing hands, backed with logic.

When the chef poured the sauce over the freshly fried cutlet, Kwanghee couldn’t let it pass. He snapped, “Why would you pour the sauce all over the cutlet like that? The sauce is going to make the cutlet soggy!” The chef then answered, “That’s how you’re supposed to do cutlets. Cutlets are not supposed to be crispy.”

And to that, Kwanghee simply could not agree. He snarked, “Why did you even fry it then?” Like, right? Why did he even fry it then?

5. On Infinite Challenge

Finally, on Infinite Challenge, Kwanghee confronted the malicious comments coming at him like the boss he is.

When Haha came to recruit Kwanghee as a potential member for Infinite Challenge, Kwanghee talked about how the viewers didn’t feel the same way. He said, “I read some articles about how I’m considered as one of the candidates — and in the comments, they’re all bashing me for not knowing my place or whatever.

It seems such comments have never been able to let Kwanghee down though. Kwanghee looked straight at the camera and criticized, “Look, I know exactly where I am and where I’m going, okay? What did I do to deserve these comments? Like, who are you to even tell me to get lost?” And that, friends, is how you get rid of haters! (Slams table.)