5 Times Netizens Judged K-Pop Idols Too Quickly

Number 1 still got criticized after he was proven innocent.

When K-Pop idols get involved in anything that resembles a scandal, netizens can be quick to unfairly judge and criticize them. Here’s a look at a few moments when netizens judged K-Pop idols too quickly.

1. UP10TION’s Wooseok getting falsely accused of sexually molesting Jeon Somi



When Wooseok and Somi were MC’s for SBS MTV‘s The Show, Wooseok once got accused of sexually molesting Somi when there was a clip of Wooseok’s hand around Somi’s chest. Netizens were outraged at Wooseok, as they accused him of purposefully touching Somi’s chest.

However, YMC Entertainment, TOP Media, and SBS MTV all responded to these accusations by stating that Wooseok never touched Somi. It got to the point where TOP Media even did a forensic analysis, which proved that Wooseok never touched Somi.

Despite there being proof that Wooseok was innocent, lots of netizens still left malicious comments about him.

2. TWICE Nayeon’s comments about Jeongyeon getting misinterpreted


During one of TWICE’s concerts, Nayeon once jokingly ranked herself first and Jeongyeon last. Some news outlets then started making false reports that Nayeon was ranking the members based on merchandise sales, which led her to get criticized by netizens.


However, it was later revealed that Nayeon was just ranking the members based on her personal preference of each members’ merchandise design. Nayeon even did the ranking before the merchandise went on sale, so there was no way of her knowing what the sales were.

3. BTS getting falsely accused of sajaegi (chart manipulation)

BTS once got accused of sajaegi (where a company buys albums in large quantities to inflate the official numbers) by netizens when their album “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 1” outsold BIGBANG’s album.

While Big Hit Entertainment denied any accusations, netizens seemingly didn’t believe them and accused BTS of cheating the charts. However, this issue was put to rest after some fans clarified to netizens that BTS were innocent and that their sales were legitimate.

4. Super Junior’s Heechul getting falsely accused of being inconsiderate

Heechul is someone who donates anonymously, as he doesn’t like getting praise for his actions. However, he revealed on an episode of Love of 7.7 Billion, that netizens forced him to make all his donations public when he was falsely accused of being someone who doesn’t donate.

I made a donation last year during the forest fires in Gangwon Province. I hate being praised by everyone, so I did it in secret, but I got a call from my agency. I was getting cussed out on the internet for not making a donation when all the other celebrities were. So my agency had no choice but to make the announcement.

— Heechul

5. IU’s donation getting falsely criticized

In 2019, IU donated to the victims of the Sokcho fire through ChildFund Korea. While most praised IU for her kind action, one netizen decided to get suspicious that IU donated through ChildFund Korea.

The area that was affected by the wildfire is a secluded area so there are no elementary schools. There are only elderly farmers and retired people who are living in country houses. Even on the news, only the elderly come out and cry.

— Netizen

ChildFund Korea soon had to release a statement on how their organization was supporting multiple families affected by the Sokcho fire, and not just children.