5 Most Visually Pleasing Moments In IZ*ONE’s “Fiesta” Choreography

It’s their fiesta.

IZ*ONE are really blooming with their new BLOOM*IZ album — and their performance of “Fiesta” is, truly, a fiesta like we have never seen before. From the members’ breathtakingly gorgeous visuals, to the most glamorous stage outfits, and the perfectly coordinated movements, the choreography for “Fiesta” is full of things to catch your eyes. Here are 5 most visually pleasing moments from IZ*ONE’s “Fiesta” performance which simply prove that this girl group is, in fact, the hottest rising of K-Pop.

1. The Flower Petals

IZ*ONE’s choreographies often incorporate a lot of delicate hand movements — but this particular movement, portraying the “flower petals falling in the air” as the lyrics go, really topped all.

2. The Legs

“Fiesta” choreography involves a lot of “cheerleader” like movements that make clever use of the various formations that IZ*ONE members can create with the number of members they have. This one, showing off their legs for days, is a classic example of an awesome single-line formation with a lot of sexy.

3. The Empowerment

This “power walking” moment in the choreography is all too empowering and sexy AF. Not only are IZ*ONE members 200% in sync — but they are also glowing with that “baddest b*tch in the area” vibe. And the force is, as breathtaking as it is, what makes it so satisfying to watch.

4. The Dancing Hair

Chaeyeon‘s “Dancing Hair” is very much a “thing” in IZ*ONE choreographies. Here, as she takes center, she boasts another one of her fascinating rhythmical hair flips — and the elegance keeps our eyes glued on the stage.

5. The Ending

Finally, after three mesmerizing minutes of the most festive performance, the choreography comes to this symmetric and satisfying ending. IZ*ONE’s upgraded visuals make these final few movements as graceful as they can get.