50+ K-Pop Songs Turning 5 Years Old In 2022

How many of these are still in your playlist?

2017 was a great year for K-Pop! The songs released that year are turning 5 years old this year.

Here’s a look at a few of the K-Pop songs that will be turning 5 in 2022!

1. “Limitless” (NCT 127)

We will never be tired of this NCT 127 bop!

2. “Last Goodbye” (AKMU)

We can’t believe this gorgeous song came out 5 years ago!

3. “Kiss Later” (LOONA’s YeoJin)

This adorable song has aged incredibly well!

4. “Hobgoblin” (CLC)

Five years later, we’re still listening to this song like it came out yesterday!

5. “Goodbye” (2NE1)

This beautiful song still gets us in our feels!

6. “I Wait” (DAY6)

Can’t believe this masterpiece is 5 years old!

7. “Rookie” (Red Velvet)

Wait, what do you mean “Rookie” came out 5 years ago?!

8. “My First and Last” (NCT DREAM)

Even now, we can’t resist singing along the second Haechan sings “oh maybe maybe!” 

9. “Spring Day” (BTS)

This BTS song simply never gets old!

10. “Again” (ASTRO)

Still waiting on a music video for this one 5 years later!

11. “Fine” (Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon)

We’ll be listening to this song for many years to come!

12. “MOVIE” (BTOB)

Such a timeless bop!


This song simply never gets old!

14. “Rollin” (Brave Girls)

It’s hard to believe this Brave Girls hit was released so long ago!

15. “Love&Live” (LOONA 1/3)

This song is still a jam 5 years later!

16. “Beautiful” (MONSTA X)

Half a decade later, this song is as fire as it was when we first heard it!

17. “Through the Night” (IU)

We’re still just as in love with this song as ever!

18. “Plz Don’t Be Sad” (HIGHLIGHT)

This song is a masterpiece!

19. “I’ll Be Yours” (Girl’s Day)

“I’ll Be Yours” will forever be iconic!

20. “Coloring Book” (OH MY GIRL)

This song is EVERYTHING!


We really, really can’t believe this song is about to turn 5!

22. “Night Rather Than Day” (EXID)

We will always love this EXID classic!

23. “Knock Knock” (TWICE)

Can you believe TWICE dropped this bop 5 whole years ago?

24. “Never Ever” (GOT7)

We will never ever get tired of this song!

25. “Palette” (IU featuring G-DRAGON)

Yep, we’re still listening to this 5 years later!

26. “Week” (Chungha)

Hard to believe this beautiful Chungha song came out so long ago!

27. “Lonely” (SHINee’s Jonghyun featuring Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon)

This song is so beautiful, and Jonghyun and Taeyeon’s amazing voices sound great together!

28. “Wonderful Love” (MOMOLAND)

This cute song is a classic!

29. “Lullaby” (SHINee’s ONew featuring Rocoberry)

We will never stop listening to “Lullaby!”

30. “New Face” (PSY)

This song is still just as good as it was 5 years ago!

31. “Don’t Wanna Cry” (SEVENTEEN)

We are still singing “ulgo shipji anha” at the top of our lungs!


This song will forever be iKONIC!

33. “Beautiful” (PENTAGON)

Five years later and this song is still as beautiful as ever!

34. “Eclipse” (LOONA’s Kim Lip)

“Eclipse” never gets old!

35. “Signal” (TWICE)

This song is still in our playlists 5 years later!


Still listening to this song like it just came out!

37. “HAPPY” (Cosmic Girls/WJSN)

This is a timeless bop!

38. “Cherry Bomb” (NCT 127)

“Cherry Bomb” is simply too good to stop listening to!

39. “GOOD NIGHT” (Dreamcatcher)

This song is just fantastic!

40. “Remember” (9MUSES)

“Remember” is a positively brilliant song!

41. “As If It’s Your Last” (BLACKPINK)

We’re still listening to this song as if it’s our first time hearing it!

42. “Red Flavor” (Red Velvet)

This is still our go-to summer jam!

43. “Ko Ko Bop” (EXO)

It’s still going “down down baby” in 2022!


No, we will never stop listening to “LOVE WHISPER!”

45. “Holiday” (Girls’ Generation)

This Girls’ Generation song will forever be iconic!

46. “Burn It Up” (Wanna One)

This song is still straight fire 5 years later!

47. “We Young” (NCT DREAM)

This song is just too good!

48. “Gashina” (Sunmi)

Can’t believe Sunmi dropped this iconic song 5 years ago!

49. “BABE” (HyunA)

This song is still as good as it was when it came out!

50. “Power” (EXO)

This song is an instant mood booster!

51. “DNA” (BTS)

We still can’t get this song out of our heads!

52. “Move” (SHINee’s Taemin)

This song and its dance will forever be iconic!


This song still makes us get up and dance 5 years later!

54. “Black Suit” (Super Junior)

This song is a timeless bop!

55. “Likey” (TWICE)

We still likey this song just as much as we did back then!

56. “Peek-A-Boo” (Red Velvet)

Still very much in love with this song!

57. “Lip & Hip” (HyunA)

Can’t believe this baddie anthem is 5 years old!

58. “Day and Night” (SHINee’s Taemin)

This song is such a vibe!

59. “Universe” (EXO)

This EXO song is so beautiful!