6 Female Idols Who Were Caught Staring At EXO Members

Even female idols aren’t immune to EXO’s charm!

The EXO boys are a handsome lot, and their presence has been known to get some female idols flustered. Check out 6 stars who were filmed staring at EXO members, sparking (or reigniting) fierce fan ships!


1. Krystal (f(x)) and Lay

When Krystal and Lay were promoting their Chinese movie Kite Flying in 2015, they showed off a cute close friendship.

Krystal was seen staring at Lay on multiple occasions, looking over at him intently, and fans instantly shipped them!


2. Irene (Red Velvet) and Suho

At the 2016 Seoul Music Awards, Suho was joking around with Xiumin when Irene was caught staring at Suho.


3. Krystal (f(x)) and Sehun

At a SM Entertainment event, Krystal was seen staring at Sehun as she passed the group. The two made eye contact and she raised her eyebrows.


4. Yoona (Girls’ Generation) and Luhan

This sweet moment was caught during an SMTOWN concert, sparking fierce shipping!


5. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation) and Sehun

The two were pictured enjoying a laugh on stage together. Look at Taeyeon’s expression!


6. Krystal (f(x)) and Kai

We all know these two dated for a year, sadly breaking up in 2017, but this picture was captured at the 2012 SMTOWN concert in Taiwan. It seems Krystal’s feelings for Kai were around for a long time!