6 Delicious Meals Created From Idols’ Recipes That You Should Try

These are all dishes everyone must try!

There are idols who have shown their cooking skills through cooking their own recipes! They obviously love the product as they make the dish how they want them to be.

Of course, fans want to try their idols recipe as well and experience the happiness the idols felt when eating the dish they made using their own recipe.

Here are some recipes by idols you can try to cook on your free time!

1. BLACKPINK’s Kimchi Fried Rice

An easy and classic favorite, Kimchi Fried Rice! BLACKPINK cooked what they said, was one of their favorite food to eat and showed us how they do it in one of the episodes from BLACKPINK HOUSE.

2. ASTRO JinJin’s Banana Milk Coffee

ASTRO‘s JinJin showed his fans a new way to drink his coffee! He added banana milk in his coffee and mixed it together, and the product is coffee flavored banana milk! It may sound weird, but this recipe look like it’s worth a try!

3. GOT7’s Mark’s Convenience Store Go-To

Mark revealed to fans his go-to convenience store food which includes instant spaghetti, instant tteokbokki, a sausage, also known as hot bar, and string cheese! Mix all of those together well, and you’ll end up with great results!

4. BTS’s Jin’s Cheesy Spicy Pork

BTS‘s Jin‘s Cheesy Spicy Pork recipe looks tedious, but one thing’s for sure, it also looks good! This is definitely a must try recipe that will taste good on any day!

5. Stray Kids’ Various Korean Recipes

In this video, Stray Kids were grouped into three and cooked various dishes of different categories namely, Korean, Korean Fushion, and Convenience Store. They created different dishes under these categories, which you can all try!

6. TWICE’s Rabokki

This recipe isn’t exactly cooked by TWICE, but by Jeongyeon‘s father! Her dad cooked his version of rabokki and this is surely a must try as well, like any item on this list! Even TWICE themselves recommended the viewers to try the recipe! The members also finished the pot and managed to eat all the food, so this dish is probably one of the best!