6 K-Pop Idols Who Weren’t Supposed To Debut In Their Group

Number 2 ended up getting added due to another company’s CEO!

It’s hard to imagine what certain K-Pop groups would look like if they didn’t have certain members. However, there are lots of K-Pop idols who originally weren’t supposed to debut in their group. Here’s a list of a few of these idols.

1. J-Hope (BTS)

During an episode of Burn The Stage, J-Hope revealed that he got dropped from BTS’s lineup before their debut. He even remembers how much Jungkook cried when this happened.

Thankfully, RM was able to convince Big Hit Entertainment that they needed J-Hope in the lineup, and he ended up returning.

I told them we needed Jung Hoseok. We need Jung Hoseok, we can’t make it without him. I worked really hard to convince them.

— RM

2. BamBam (GOT7)

BamBam revealed in the past that he originally wasn’t supposed to debut with GOT7, and was supposed to debut in a later boy group. However, Park Jin Young ended up adding BamBam to GOT7’s lineup after Yang Hyun Suk praised him on WIN: Who Is Next? 

3. Chaeyoung (TWICE)

TWICE was originally going to be a 6 member group called 6MIX. The members of 6MIX consisted of a lot of the current TWICE members. Chaeyoung was a part of a team that featured a lot of younger trainees that were supposed to debut years after 6MIX.

The rumored members of 6MIX

However, 6MIX’s debut ended up not happening due to constant line-up changes. JYP Entertainment then decided to create the show SIXTEEN. For the show, Park Jin Young decided to add the girls of 6MIX, his Japanese trainees, and the younger trainees. If it wasn’t for SIXTEEN, Chaeyoung potentially would have debuted in ITZY.

4. Park Bom (Former member of 2NE1)

Park Bom was originally supposed to debut as a solo artist in either 2007 or 2008. However, she ended up damaging her throat after practicing too much. Yang Hyun Suk then decided to add her to 2NE1’s lineup after she recovered.

I’ve always liked ballads. Lee Hi’s “Scarecrow” was originally a song that Park Jin Young PD gifted to me. I recorded the song solo and even filmed a music video for it. But because I ended up debuting in a group (2NE1), that song ended up not happening.

— Park Bom

5. G-Dragon & Taeyang (BIGBANG)

Out of all the BIGBANG members, Taeyang and G-Dragon were trainees the longest, and they spent many years training together.

The two were originally supposed to debut in a duo, but that didn’t end up happening as Yang Hyun Suk decided that they would be debuting alongside other people and creating a boy group called BIGBANG. While G-Dragon is close with the members now, he hated this idea at first and even expressed his anger to the people at the company.

Why do I have to do it with them? I’ve been practicing with Taeyang for six years. What is this?

— G-Dragon