6 Things Idol Bodyguards Wish Fans Would Stop Doing

Some of these are very extreme.

Youtube channel AYO recently uploaded a video where two bodyguards answered questions about their work. Han Hojun has been a bodyguard for three years, and he has worked with the likes of MAMAMOOGFRIEND, and MOMOLAND. On the other hand, Kim Juhyung‘s twelve-year experience means he has guarded most celebrities in the K-Pop industry. Besides talking about their favorite celebrity encounters, they also discussed things they wish fans would stop doing.

Read on to learn what they are!

1. Pushing the fence at a concert

Their first request was for fans to refrain from pushing the fences at a concert. If one fence were to fall, then the rest would follow, potentially injuring many concertgoers. One bodyguard shared a story of how he and his fellow bodyguards had to link their arms with the fences to prevent them from falling.

2. Lining up disorderly

Bodyguard Han Hojun was impressed by how Ong Seongwoo‘s fans lined up orderly during a fansign. Properly lining up, avoiding chaos, and following instructions make their jobs much easier.

3. Following idols to the bathroom

When idols attend events that take place outside, they naturally have to use public restrooms. There are fans who take advantage of this and hide in the bathroom to wait for them to enter. As such, bodyguards make sure to check the bathroom before the idols use it.

4. Running towards a group’s van

According to Kim Juhyung, there are fans who run towards a group’s van when they see it and even carelessly cross the road. This places many lives at risk, so it goes without saying that it should be avoided.

5. Hiding under a table

Fans should not hide under tables in an event hall in the hopes of sneakily approaching their favorite idols. Instead of hiding, fans should be content with seeing their idols through proper means.

6. Making a copy of the staff’s access pass

Last but not the least, bodyguards wish that fans would refrain from committing the crime of making copies of the staff’s access pass. They reiterated that idols also need privacy, so it would be bothersome if they were followed to their rooms.

In contrast to these frowned-upon behaviors, Han Hojun and Kim Juhyung also discussed the type of fans they like the most. Check it out below!

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Source: AYO