A Song Has Finally Dethroned BTS’s “Dynamite” On The Melon Charts … And It’s Not “Life Goes On”

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Korean Netizens Are Going Crazy As ITZY’s Yuna Looked So Much Like Suzy For A Hot Second

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BTS’s J-Hope Was Ready To “Throw Hands” When Jimin Confused Him For Suga

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Former Wanna One’s Lai Guanlin Under Fire For Smoking And Spitting On The Streets

He issued an apology.

BTS Confirms That “Spring Day” Was Written About A Specific Event, Leading Fans To Believe It Was About The Sewol Ferry Tragedy

The song has many different meanings behind it.

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Here’s How Park Shin Hye Won Kim Woo Bin Over As A Friend Despite Their Age Difference

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BTS’s V Reveals That “Blue & Grey” Wasn’t Supposed To Be On “BE”, Here’s What Happened

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BTS’s Jin Reveals How He Got Scouted By Big Hit Entertainment

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Super Junior’s Siwon Reveals Who He Thinks Will Be The New “Face” Of SM Entertainment

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aespa’s Giselle Gains Attention For Doing This Behind The MCs

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Here’s Why K-Pop Idols With Darker Skin Often Wear Lighter Face Makeup

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BTS’s Suga Strives To Understand What Happiness Is In Hopes To Help Others Like Him

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“God Of Destruction” RM Was In Full Swing During BTS’s Appearance On “Good Morning America”

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BTS’s J-Hope Shares The Fashion Item He’s Been Into Recently

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Lee Soo Man Responds To Park Jin Young’s Claim That He Disqualified Him At An SM Audition

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