6 Times BTS’s RM Showed Just How Much He Loves His Members

He genuinely loves them ❤️

BTS‘s RM is widely acknowledged as one of the best leaders in K-Pop, and one possible reason why is because of how well he takes care of the other members.

He comforts them when they’re sad…

…and leans on them whenever he can.

Here are 7 times RM demonstrated his love for his members!

1. When he embraced Jin

Jin may be older than RM, but that doesn’t stop RM from giving him some much-needed hugs!

2. When he leaned on Suga

You know you’re comfortable with a person when you can lean on their shoulders and feel at peace.

3. When he didn’t get mad at J-Hope

One form of love is patience, and RM’s got that in abundance! Instead of getting mad when J-Hope knocked his phone down while he was using it, he controlled himself and didn’t say a word.

4. When he put his arm on Jimin’s shoulder

RM definitely takes good care of the younger members, and he shows them love through simple forms of skinship.

5. When he let V lay on his arm

Not wanting V to lay his head down on the hard and scratchy grass, RM offered V his arm without a moment’s hesitation.

6. When he couldn’t get enough of Jungkook

As BTS’s maknae, the hyungs love to dote on Jungkook. RM does this by pinching his cheeks and playing with him—and he obviously loves it!