7 BTS Optical Illusions That Played Tricks On All ARMY’s Eyes

What you see isn’t always what it is.

These optical illusions played tricks on even the most seasoned fans’ eyes!

1. The infamous front or back debate

When the “Boy With Luv” music video came out, this clip caused a stir.

Unlike the rest of his members, Jimin appears to turn towards the camera, yet he somehow still ends up facing away from the camera.

In fact, the debate blew up the internet so much that Jimin himself may have heard about it. He seems to pay tribute to #FrontorBack by facing the camera at the end of BTS’s “Boy With Luv” dance practice.

2. What sorcery is this?

At 2018 MAMA Fans’ Choice in Japan, J-Hope work this stylish black outfit.

From close up, anyone can see that the details on his clothes are embroidered bees, but from far away…

…he disappeared from the neck down! J-Hope’s clothes blended right into the ARMY bombs behind him.

3. Lip syncing? No, I said, “lip sticking“!

Is that V’s lip on his mic? Nope. It’s his finger!

4. The lick that never was

Suddenly, out of nowhere, V walked up to Jin at a concert…and licked his cheek?

Nope! After carefully examining this clip, fans determined that V’s tongue was actually Jin’s hand.

5. Suga or Jimin?

When Suga and Jimin showed up at the airport in similar outfits, they confused everyone…

…multiple times!

6. Swapping members

The free-falling, member-swapping transitions from in “Dionysus” were so smooth that they seemed like optical illusions!

7. Every single one of these photos