7 Idols Reveal How They Dieted To Prepare For Their Comebacks

These idols revealed how they lost weight before their comebacks.

1. AOA’s Seolhyun

AOA’s Seolhyun revealed in the past that she loves eating so much, she doesn’t know why she became an idol. In spite of her love for food, her secret to weight loss before a comeback is to avoid all foods high in calories while eating only sweet potatoes, chicken breast, eggs, and tomatoes.


2. Apink’s Eunji

Prior to her debut, Apink‘s Eunji weighed 62 kg (137 lbs). Through exercise and diet, she was able to lose a whopping 15 kg! Her secret? No late-night snacks, no foods high in calories, and intensive exercise through boxing and weight-lifting.


3. f(x)’s Luna

Once known to be the “chubby” member of f(x), Luna has made a complete transformation through diet and exercise. For breakfast, she will eat cheese and eggs and, for dinner, only vegetables. When she is preparing for a comeback, Luna will eat strawberries, tomatoes, and apple sauce. If she needs to shed an extra few pounds, then she will only drink a concoction of green tea, lemons, and water!


4. Lovelyz

The members of Lovelyz didn’t really have a special diet regimen when they were trainees. Instead, they practiced dancing for 6 hours a day and barely ate any food before their debut. Probably not the healthiest way to shed a few pounds, so you shouldn’t try this at home.


5. GFRIEND’s Umji

GRIEND‘s Umji has been garnering a lot of interest from netizens due to her successful diet. When asked what her secret was, she revealed that she cut out carbs from her diet and exercised everyday while listening to GFRIEND’s comeback track.


6. gugudan’s Mina

From her Produce 101 days to her debut with gugudan, Mina has lost over 11 kg. She says she looked in the mirror everyday to watch her progress and cut out all snacks during her strict diet while exercising regularly. Apparently, Mina didn’t even use any dressing when eating salads!



MOMOLAND‘s JooE has revealed that she keeps her weight in check through intermittent fasting, which is an eating pattern where you cycle between periods of eating and fasting. You can eat whatever you want, but you only have an 8-hour window per day when you can eat. Whenever JooE feels like she is gaining weight, she will begin this process of intermittent fasting.


Source: 1boon