7 Photos That Prove Koreans Are Literally Living In The Future

We’re all living here in 2018, meanwhile Koreans are already in 2038.

Koreans are nothing if not practical, and they’ve got some pretty impressive and genius ways of making daily life just a little bit more convenient. Check out 7 photos that show Korea’s ingenuity and flair for innovation, often picked up by other countries!


1. Sliding table

This restaurant’s way of saving time is by replacing customer tables with another, portable table top, already set out perfectly with food. So simple it’s genius!


2. A banana a day

E-Mart’s “one a day” banana pack contains several bananas of different ripeness so that you can eat them over several days.


3. Giant kimchi dumpling

This Korean-dumpling inspired recipe takes dumplings to the next level by stuffing a dumpling with mini dumplings, kimchi, cheese and more dumpling filling. Excessive? Yes. Delicious? Definitely.


4. 24-hour spas

The jjimjilbang, or sauna, is a Korean staple – a 24-hour resort-like spahouse that allows you to soak in different spas infused with teas, nutrients and varying degrees of heat. Add in a skin scrub or massage, and you’ve got literal paradise for your skin. Customers often sleep in these spaces, where you’ve got shelter, food and relaxation at your disposal.

Spaland in Busan’s Centrum City shopping centre is one of the largest and most luxurious spahouses in South Korea, complete with sleeping area, games room, kiosk and culturally-themed baths, including Turkish and Roman-inspired.


5. Potato hotdogs

Koreans love combining foods, and they love their street food – so what better way to innovate than marry crinkle-cut fries and the hot dog into this delicious, easy-to-eat-while-walking treat?


6. PC bangs

Similar to the idea of the 24-hour spa, PC bangs are rooms where you can play computer games any time of the day. Not only do customers stay here for literally full days and nights, but food is often delivered, with stands to enable game play even while eating.


7. Fashion trends

South Korea is known for its trend-setting fashion, and there have been multiple styles that developed first in Korea before being picked up by fashion designers in Western countries. South Korea has perfected color palettes, layering, socks with heels and the harem pants, inspired by other cultures and tweaked so well that other countries take their cues from Korea.