The 7 Relatable Phases Of Watching A K-Drama

This is so relatable!

Korean entertainment fans are rapidly increasing, and aside from K-Pop, K-Dramas have also been receiving lots of love globally.

K-Dramas take their audiences on a roller coaster ride! There are lots of details and plot twists to expect when watching a K-Drama and it definitely makes the viewers feel a variety of emotions!

If you’ve watched K-Dramas before, you will surely be able to relate and testify that these phases are true in one way or another! Here are the stages a K-Drama fan goes through when watching a K-Drama:

1. Excitement fills you!

When a new K-Drama is announced, especially when it includes a cast you love and admire, you start to feel excited to watch the drama! You make sure you watch it when it premieres, and make sure you make time for it!

2. Starting to watch the drama

The drama is finally released, you then start to watch it and feel hopeful of how the story will go and how your favorite actors and actresses will carry their respective characters.

3. Deciding phase

After watching the first few episodes, you either end up loving it, not enjoying it, or simply feel neutral about it. This is the phase when you decide if you give the show a chance, and continue watching the drama or just stop.

4. Can’t stop watching!

If you decide to continue watching, you are most likely to reach the phase of not being able to stop watching the series. This is when you get extremely hooked and watch it whenever you can!

5. Sadness hits!

Every show has it’s ups and downs, and when the main character reaches her lowest point, you feel sad too because you’re so invested in the drama. You want the main character to experience good things and believe that she will be able to overcome her lowest points!

6. Withdrawal stage

When the drama finally ends, you’re unable to move on from it. You still feel high from watching the drama because it made you feel good, entertained you, and you probably learned a lot from it as well.

7. It’s time for new beginnings

After a while, you accept that all things come to an end, and despite feeling sad, you immediately search for a new K-Drama that you think you will enjoy!