7 Simple Ways To Dress Like TWICE Without Going Broke

Dressing like TWICE might cost less than you’d think!

TWICE is known for their stylish and classy fashion, marked by bright colors and cute accessories. In comparison to other K-Pop idols and groups, dressing like TWICE is relatively cheap, because they combine street wear with class to create a stylish mix that doesn’t have to break the bank.

While they can definitely dress like a thousand dollars (literally!) for special events, they do also love to go cheap, casual and comfortable, while still looking stylish with their trademark TWICE cheer. They favor local and vintage brands like Odd One Out, Forever 21, Yesstyle and Look Book. Check out some simple ways to dress like TWICE without having to drain your account.


1. Nayeon’s napping yellow check dress

In the “Likey” MV, Nayeon wore this simple, cute yellow and blue checked dress that screamed contemporary casual. It’s clearly comfortable, since she’s wearing it while riding a bike, and still fashionable. The blue brings down the brightness of the yellow and its fit accentuates the shoulders and legs.

You can buy it for about USD $50 from TARGETTO, and pair it with a long-sleeved sweater for those chillier days.


2. Dahyun’s Cosmopolitan fashion

Dahyun is wearing a Mischief Glenn Check bustier with black heels, a black skirt and blazer jacket.

The bustier is about USD $35, and paired with some cheap black pants or a skirt from Walmart for under USD $20, a simple blazer from H&M for USD $29, and simple black heels from ASOS for under $50, the entire outfit is attainable for under $150.


3. Tzuyu’s cute CRANK set

During “Likey” promotions, Tzuyu wore a matching CRANK logo crop tee and shirts set called “Ugly Past” that would totally work on the street. It’s simple but stylish, with the thin belt and zip breaking up the crank logo and drawing the eye towards the waist and down her legs.

CRANK’s marketing campaign features an edgy look, but Tzuyu made it her own in the classic TWICE way. The top is USD $35 and skirt $45, making it a super affordable look.


4. Jeongyeon’s pinafore

Jeongyeon loves to push the boundaries of fashion, and has an edgy style that often focuses on stripes, overalls and jackets. For “Sudden Attack” promotions, she kept true to her individual style by rocking a denim pinafore dress, matching a cute color concept to bring the TWICE style. The overall pinafore from ROMWE is less than US $40, and a USD $25 ASOS sweater can finish off this cute look.


5. Dahyun’s pleated skirt and tie top

Dahyun wore this outfit for “Cheer Up” promotions, and it’s simple, easy to replicate and such a nice pop of color. The pleated skirt provides a nice silhouette, clinching in at the waist and flaring out to the thighs. The shirt, tied at the waist, also helps to emphasize the waist, and the knot adds more detail to the otherwise simple print shirt.

The skirt comes in a lot of different colors from Yesstyle for about USD $28 and can be paired with any red vintage t-shirt to copy Dahyun’s sweet look, like this USD $15 Forever 21 shirt.


6. Jeongyeon’s monkey sweater

Airport fashion means everyday wear, and Jeongyeon rocked this OH MY GIRL BANHAHA sweater at Gimpo airport earlier this year. It’s perfect for those cold days but its cute monkey design and navy color add that little something extra. The back also rocks a tiny, cute banana on the collar.

Paired with some old jeans and $60 Vans, like these checked slip-ons worn by Nayeon, it’s the ultimate affordable travel wear.


7. Mina’s cute accessories

Mina’s cat-eared headband in the “What Is Love” MV is super unique and cute, and it’s an accessory that can literally go with any outfit to add a pop of color or detail. For USD $4.50, why would you say no?