7 Stars Who Won The Staring Contest Against The Intense Flashes Of Cameras

The bonus idol has netizens cackling😂

The life of a star seems so glam and flashy, literally. Here are 7 idols who didn’t let the flashes of cameras intimate them or bring them down.

1. IU

Solo artist IU shows netizens that the cameras don’t intimidate her. She remains calm with a neutral face as she faces all the flashes head on. She makes eye contact with all the different cameras to ensure they all get the best photos of her.

2. Minho (SHINee)

Coming in at number 2 is SHINee‘s Minho who looks like he’s having a stare down with the cameras. He keeps his intense gaze constant as he maintains his professionalism. He doesn’t blink even though there’s a influx of flash coming from all the cameras.

3. Siwan (ZE:A)

Siwan, member of boy group ZE:A also made it onto this list with his insane professionalism. He somehow manages to keep the smile on his face as he looks up and around to different camera locations. He doesn’t falter one bit in the sea of flashing lights.

4. Suzy

Former girl group member and actress Suzy also shows netizens what a pro she is. She looks completely unbothered while she keeps her face neutral. To take it up a notch, she gives the cameras a little treat as she poses in a various number of ways to promote The Face Shop‘s merchandise.

5. V (BTS)

BTS‘s V looks absolutely adorable with his big puppy dog eyes as he faces all the crazy flashes head on. He doesn’t waver and maintains eye contact with them all while he pans around to make sure they’re getting all his perfect angles.

6. Yoona (Girls’ Generation)

This girl group veteran looks absolutely stunning in the face of all the cameras! Girls’ Generation‘s forever visual and center Yoona looks at all the cameras panning back and forth to make sure everyone gets a chance to photograph her gorgeous face.

7. Bona (WJSN)

WJSN‘s Bona also makes it on this list with her professionalism. She keeps her smile on and eyes wide open as the cameras snap endless photos of her. She makes sure to keep her pose as still as possible to ensure they get the best photos.

Bonus: Shownu (MONSTA X)

Oh Shownu, we feel that! This MONSTA X member cracked up netizens with his constant blinking and inability to keep his eyes open. Unlike the rest of the idols on this list, Shownu shows netizens that not all stars are accustomed to the crazy life of the cameras. The netizens all chimed in saying, “oh Shownu you’re so cute, Shownu looks like a puppy, come on Shownu you can do it, hahaha oh Shownu you’re losing”.

Source: theqoo, Teen Vogue and Osen