7 Times TWICE’s Nayeon Gave Her Members A Kiss

Nayeon expresses her love for her members well!

TWICE‘s Nayeon is very affectionate and one way she shows her love to her members is through her kisses!

Nayeon seems to love giving her members a peck on the cheek! Here are 8 times Nayeon gave her members a kiss to express her love to them!

1. When she kissed Dahyun to comfort her because she was crying

2. When she kissed Tyuzu to show her support!

3. When Jeongyeon asked for a kiss from Nayeon!

4. When Nayeon kissed Jihyo just because!

5. When Nayeon kissed Jeongyeon in front of ONCEs!

6. When Nayeon kissed Jihyo when she didn’t want to be kissed!

7. When she kissed all her members lovingly to celebrate their music show win!