8 Of BTS Jimin’s Habits That Drive Fans Crazy

Even his habits are attractive!

Over the years, ARMYs have picked up on a lot of the BTS members habits. Here are 8 of the cutest and sexiest habits Jimin has.

1. Laughing with his whole body

One of Jimin’s cutest habits is definitely how he laughs with his entire body.

Whenever one of the members makes a funny joke, Jimin laughs so hard he almost falls over.

2. Rubbing his nose

Many people’s habits come out when they’re thinking hard, and Jimin is no exception.

One of the things he often does while thinking is shyly rub his handsome nose.

3. Scrunching his nose

Jimin has another nose habit too: scrunching.

Fans can’t get enough of how much he looks like a cute little bunny with his nose scrunch.

4. Running a hand through his hair

One of Jimin’s habits that’s more sexy than cute is the way he likes to run a hand through his hair.

Every time he brushes it back, his whole handsome face becomes even clearer.

5. Sticking his tongue out

Another hot habit that sends fans into a frenzy? The way Jimin likes to stick his tongue out while performing.

Sometimes he even does it off-stage, so Jimin fans are never safe.

6. Standing with his heels together

Have you ever noticed Jimin’s adorable habit of standing with his heels pressed together?

He looks like a cute little penguin!

7. Crouching anywhere and everywhere

Jimin also likes to crouch down in unexpected situations.

He’s not the only one—this position is often known as the ‘Asian squat’, since many people from Asian countries find the squat convenient and comfortable.

8. Pouting

Most people only pout when they’re sad or upset.

But Jimin tends to pout all the time, including when he’s thinking, concentrating, or daydreaming.