8 Characteristics Of Male Second Lead Characters In K-Dramas

Here are what makes a second lead in a K-Drama!

K-Drama fans would know that the second lead syndrome is real.

In K-Dramas, second lead male characters are usually portrayed in a certain light, however, no matter how good and perfect they may be, fans always know that they will never get the girl!

Here are 10 characteristics of male second lead characters in K-Dramas as compiled by The Swoon!

1. They are the modern knight and shining armor

Male second leads are usually the ones who protect the lead girl character when the male lead falls short. They offer to take her home and become protective of her.

2. Bad boy second leads are good to the girl they like

Although they are perceived as bad boys by many, they are always kind to the girl they like. They make sure to show her that they are not what other people think he really is, and that he is a real kindhearted man!

3. They are always thankful

They are always thankful for just being friends with the girl they like even when they don’t choose him.

4. They are misunderstood

When they do things to simply be with the girl they like, they are misunderstood for being rude and mean. They like to tease the girl they like to get their attention and loves it when they get a reaction from them.

5. They don’t play mind games

When they finally admit their feelings, they admit it with all they’ve got which shows that they genuinely like the girl and have serious feelings for her.

6. They don’t ask for anything

Male second leads don’t ask for anything, but just for the girl they like to be happy. They give her gifts and wish for her to be free of problems and burdens.

7. Even if it means letting her go

Even if making the girl they like happy means not being with them, they will willingly let go just for her happiness.

8. They are content with loving her from afar

They are okay with just being with the girl they like as friends as long as they are with her. The most they want is for the girl they like to know that they like her, and that is enough for them.

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