Here Are 8 Legendary Female Singers Who Have Transitioned Into Acting Successfully

#5 was previously in an OG SM girl group!

It’s no secret that many idols and singers try to transition their careers from singing to acting. While there are many in the industry, there are a few names that stick out more than others. So with that said, let’s take a look at 8 legendary female singers who have done this transition successfully!

1. Suzy

Suzy | Guess

First up on our list is former Miss A member, Suzy. Suzy debuted back in 2010 with JYP Entertainment‘s new girl group and shot to fame almost overnight. Her gorgeous visuals, incredible singing talent and tall height caught the eyes of netizens instantaneously. In 2011, Suzy made her acting debut in the KBS teenage music series, Dream High launching her official acting career. Ever since, the former girl group member has become one of South Korea’s most sought after actresses, with her numerous lead roles in Uncontrollably FondWhile You Were SleepingVagabond and Start-Up.

2. Yoona (Girls’ Generation)

Girls’ Generation’s Yoona | Nine Stars

Second on our list is another girl group member and it is none other than Girls’ Generation‘s visual, Yoona. Yoona made her debut in 2007 with the girl group and immediately became the talk of the town for her visuals. As she continued to make consistent headlines for her beauty, Yoona began her acting journey the same year of her debut with a supporting role in Two Outs in the Ninth Inning. She received praise from the public for her role and ever since, the Girls’ Generation member secured main role after main role. She has been in Love RainThe K2The King in LoveHush and more.

3. Eugene

Actress Eugene | Top Daily

This list would not be complete without one of South Korea’s OG girl group members, Eugene. Eugene made her debut in 1997 not as an actress, but rather with SM Entertainment‘s first ever girl group, S.E.S. The girl group saw immediate success, as they went on to experience nationwide popularity almost overnight. Since their disbandment in 2002, Eugene has been catering to her acting career, which has since took off. While she has been in dozens of well-known productions before, the former S.E.S member’s acting career really soared after her most recent role in the mega-hit melodrama series, Penthouse.

4. IU

IU | Huffington Post Korea

Solo artist IU comes in at number 4 on this list. The singer made her impressive debut back in 2008 as one of South Korea’s few female solo artists at the time. Her vocal skills were well noted by the public and she eventually went on to see massive popularity throughout the years for her remarkable singing and song-writing talents. Unsurprisingly enough, IU has also seen incredible success as an actress as well, as she continues to land main character roles in productions. The ProducersMoon Lovers: Scarlet Heart RyeoMy MisterHotel Del Luna and more are just a few on her impressive list.

5. Seo Hyun Jin

Actress Seo Hyun Jin | JTBC

While she may now be a full fledged actress, Seo Hyun Jin began her career as a girl group member. She debuted in 2001 in another one of SM Entertainment’s girl group, M.I.L.K. Unlike S.E.S, M.I.L.K fell short in popularity and disbanded just two years after their debut. However, just a few years after the group’s disbandment, Seo Hyun Jin began making cameos in productions, which kickstarted her acting career. Her role in the 2016 K-Drama, Another Miss Oh catapulted the actress into popularity. Since then, Seo Hyun Jin has been cast at the female lead in numerous other productions, such as Dr. RomanticTemperature of LoveThe Beauty Inside and more.

6. Jang Na Ra

Actress Jang Na Ra | Asia Today

Jang Na Ra is another solo artist who made this list of singers-turned-actresses. She also began her singing career under SM Entertainment back in 2001. While her debut wasn’t well-received by the public at the time, Jang Na Ra eventually went on to become one of South Korea’s most notable solo female artists. Fast forward just one year when she made her acting debut in the cult favorite series, Nonstop 2. Ever since her appearance in the series, she went to receive casting offer after casting offer. Her impressive list of productions include Babyfaced BeautyMr. Baek, The Last Empress, Sell Your Haunted House and more.

7. Hwang Jung Eum

Actress Hwang Jung Eum | JTBC

Next up, we have actress Hwang Jung Eum. Hwang Jung Eum is another former girl group member, having made her debut back in 2002 with girl group Sugar. The girl group went on to see some success, getting featured in different variety programs, but eventually disbanded in 2006. Ever since, Hwang Jung Eum has become a Korean Drama killer with the dozens of productions that she has under her belt. Incarnation of MoneyKill Me Heal MeShe Was Pretty, The UndateablesMystic Pop-Up Bar and more are listed on her impressive resume.

8. Uhm Jung Hwa

Uhm Jung Hwa | News1

Last, but most certainly not least is the veteran singer and actress, Uhm Jung Hwa. The veteran solo artist takes the cake with the earliest debut, having made her singing career debut back in 1993. She established herself as a respected solo artist, releasing hit song after hit song regardless of the generation. As her singing career took off, her acting career also took off as she landed lead roles in drama series, but most notably in numerous different films. Princess Aurora, Insadong ScandalSeducing Mr. PerfectDancing Queen and more are just a few of the many productions the singer-turned-actress has taken the lead role in.

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