Jimmy Kimmel Under Fire For Comparing “BTS Fever” To COVID-19

He made the joke while interviewing actress Ashley Park.

ARMYs Notice A Special Meaning Behind The Details In BTS Jungkook’s Merch, And It’s Truly Heartwarming

Everything Jungkook does is for ARMYs!

“Single’s Inferno” Shin Ji Yeon’s Invitation To A Chanel Event Becomes A Hot Topic Due To The Timing Of It All

What in the timing is going on?

15 Times BTS’s Chaotic Duo Jungkook And Jin Did Anything To Annoy Each Other

#6 is so them!

Hitman Bang Joins In On BTS And TXT Yeonjun’s Fun By Opening His Own Instagram Account

Welcome to Instagram, Hitman Bang!

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“Squid Game” Season 2 Is Confirmed And Here Are The Best Fan Theories About What’s In Store

Number four may give us a big hint about what to expect for season two.

10 Things Designed By BTS’s Jungkook That Prove How Insanely Talented He Is

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ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Makes Fans Emotional With A Now-Deleted Instagram Post

“The Day” is actually four incredibly meaningful days.

ATEEZ Proves They’re A Parent-Approved K-Pop Group With These 13 Fan Testimonies

Their message of self-love and friendship is one that anyone can appreciate.

10 Times The “Run BTS!” Editors Got Extra Creative With J-Hope

Poor Hobi!

Girl Group NATURE Under Fire For Alleged Cultural Appropriation Of The Desi Culture In Comeback Teasers

Netizens want some sort of explanation.

The Way BTS Handles Their Own Artist-Made Collection Merch Is Driving ARMYs Crazy


The 25 Most Popular K-Pop Boy Group, Soloist, And Sub-Unit Debuts EVER

BTS actually isn’t #1!

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Suprises “Snowdrop” Co-Star Jung Hae In On His Latest Film Set, Showcasing Their True Chemistry

She visited with other cast members!

Old Photo Of “Single’s Inferno”‘s Choi Si Hun And Former JBJ Member Kwon Hyun Bin Makes Headlines

How the heck do they know each other?!

Sam Hammington’s Son Bentley May Have A New Bias In BTS

Bentley hopes to meet him soon!

(G)I-DLE’s Yuqi Predicts The Future Of Lovelyz’s Mijoo’s Love Life

Hopefully for Mijoo, Yuqi’s reading isn’t too accurate…

BTS’s Jungkook Sends The Internet Into Meltdown After Teasing Possible New Music On His Instagram

Studio, hat, microphone… what else could it mean?

BTS’s Jin Cements His Status As The “Sold-Out King,” But This Time With…Strawberries

Jin holds the true power! 😂

BTS’s Jimin And Actor Jang Ki Yong Wore The Same Sweater But Served Totally Different Vibes

They both look amazing!

YouTube Criticized For Allegedly Discriminating Against South Korea With Its New Premium Promotion

This is not the first time.

These Are The 25 Most Successful K-Pop Girl Group, Soloist, And Sub-Unit Debuts EVER

Which debut was your favorite?

K-Pop Boy Group GHOST9 Is Collaborating With All Of Our Favorite AAPI Content Creators

JRE, JEENIE, David Suh, and more?!

“2022 MONSTA X NO LIMIT US TOUR” Postponed Again, And MONBEBEs Have Mixed Reactions

This is the third rescheduling of MONSTA X’s world tour.