8 Idols Born In 2001 Who Will Turn Adults Next Year

They grow up so fast!

As they follow the Korean age system, these idols born in 2001 will be turning 20. In Korea, 20 is the age that marks the start of adulthood. People who turn 20 are then allowed to drink alcoholic beverages and apply for a driver’s license.

Here are 8 idols who were born in 2001, that will be turning adults soon! They all grow up so fast!

1. Jeon Somi

2. AB6IX Lee Daewhi

3. IZ*ONE Minju

4. IZ*ONE Nako

5. IZ*ONE Hitomi

6. IZ*ONE Yuri

7. ITZY Ryujin

8. ITZY Chaeryeong

Source: Insight